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Hartford Board of Education To Tackle School-based Seniority Tonight

HARTFORD —  City officials want the state to help them retain senior teachers for magnet, redesigned  and charter schools.

The  Hartford Board of Education tonight  will discussed a proposed resolution requesting that the State Board of Education take corrective action to apply school and program-based seniority in Hartford.

The board meeting is scheduled for tonight a 5: 30 p.m. at the Sport and Medical Sciences Academy at 280 Huyshope Ave.

The reason outlined for this proposal is that, among other things, school-based seniority protects senior teachers from being bumped from these special schools in favor of “those not qualified,” according to the list of justifications sent out to the press.

For more information on the district’ school based seniority proposal, download information here: School-Based Seniority – Supporting Document-1.

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