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Hartford Primary Results: Incumbents Capture Razor Thin Leads

Updated: 4: 59 p.m

By Fran Wilson and Ann-Marie Adams, Staff Writers

HARTFORD — The city will most likely have a recount, or an eventual run off election, after Tuesday’s Democratic primary returns revealed razor-thin leads in two assembly districts.

The only clear winners in the city’s top contested House Assembly races were incumbents in the 6th and 7th districts. In the Senate House race, the incumbent had a decisive win.

Incumbent for the 1st Assembly District Rep. Kenneth Green garnered three votes over his challenger, Councilman Matt Ritter. With all six precints reporting, Green had 1,152 votes and Ritter had 1,149 votes.

Another razor thin lead was in the 4th district. Incumbent Rep. Kelvin Roldan lead his challenger Angel Morales with 383 votes to 374.

A win of 20 votes or more determines the winner, unless the loser wants to challenge the outcome of a recount, officials say.

In the closely contested race in the 7th Assembly District, incumbent Rep. Douglas McCrory had a decisive win over his challenger Councilwoman rJo Winch with 62 percent, or 947 votes to 571.

So did State Sen. Jon Fonfara. He decisively beat his challenger Ed Vargas with 62 percent of the votes, or 3,358, to 2,078.

And in the 6th assembly district, incumbent Hector Robles beat Alyssa Peterson with 944 to 476.


District #1       Incumbent: Ken Green 1,152          Challenger: Matt Ritter 1,149

District #4      Incumbent: Kelvin Roldan 383     Challenger: Angel Morales374

District # 6    Incumbent: Hector Robles 944        Challenger: Alyssa Peterson 476

District #7      Incumbent: Doug McCrory 947      Challenger: rJo Winch 571

Senate District #1  Incumbent: Jon Fonfara 3,358  Challenger: Ed Vargas 2,078

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Hartford Votes Overwhelmingly for Dan Malloy

HARTFORD –City delegates went two to one for Dan Malloy today at the Connecticut Democratic Party convention at the CT Expo Center in North Meadows.

Hartford delivered 45 votes to Malloy and 20 to Ned Lamont Saturday morning.

“We want a Democrat and we want a seat at the table,” said City Councilwoman rJo Winch, who enthusiastically supported Malloy, a former mayor of Stamford.

Seen by many as politically aligned with Mayor Eddie Perez,  Winch split with him on the delegate votes. Perez, who supported Malloy in 2006, supported Lamont today.

“We don’t always agree on issues,” Perez said of his decision. “I’ll talk to her and if she agrees, she’ll be on board.”

Winch was on board with Malloy, she said, because he’s been building relationship with the city of Hartford for the last four years.

A mayor of Stamford for 14 years, Malloy won the Connecticut Democratic Party endorsement by more than a two to one margin, or 68 percent of the votes, compared to Lamont’s 32 percent. Lamont garnered twice the required vote to force a primary this fall.

He touts his accomplishment of revitalizing an urban area by boosting job growth, lowering crime rate, and increasing number of affordable housing in Stamford.

Winch said she voted for Malloy because he’s “been in the trenches and knows about urban problems.” More importantly, she said, Malloy has “developed a deep relationship with Hartford over the last four years.” Besides “running a business is not like running a municipality.”

Edwin Vargas also voted for Malloy because he came as a proxy for a delegate who promised that vote. But as a candidate for state senator, Vargas will be on Row B with Lamont, he said.

Hartford delegates also voted overwhelmingly for Jonathan Harris as the next Secretary of State.  But Denise Merrill won the party’s endorsement.

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