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Gov. Malloy Accused of Condoning State Sanctioned Terrorism, Human Rights Abuse

Updated December 2, 2016

Law enforcement officers intend to go after the instigators and perpetrators–not the victims of these crimes.

HARTFORD — According to sources with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Gov. Dannel Malloy has been governing a state that allegedly promotes state sanctioned terrorism, including home-grown terrorists such as the Ku Klux Klan and outside political agitators.

On World Press Freedom Day, one journalist said she was on house arrest by the KKK’s David Duke and others, who claimed they were with the Malloy administration, the Hartford Police and Avon Police departments. The journalist was kept in her home and stopped from writing about the 2016 presidential campaign and other politically charged stories in Connecticut. She was also stopped from voting in the 2015 election.

Using microscopic electronic nodes, “mind crawlers” and hypnosis, domestic terrorists would insert grammatical and factual errors into her work, tamper with emails and other social media accounts. The award-winning journalist said this was the latest round of tactics used to suppress her writing and use her identity. Because she was “clean as a whistle,” they also wanted to plant stories to “sully her impressive profile” and staged adverse experiences to thwart a legal case.

To date, there has been no public arrests for identity theft or this hate crime–just firings. And state capitol police and several city employees, who have access to a state surveillance system, wanted to control the journalist and her writing. They also moved to steal the publication and control the publisher so that they have access to content.

Using a mind reader device that can decipher words from brainwaves, political operatives, some of whom are law enforcement officials moonlighting, committed other crimes include theft of services,  invasion of privacy and larceny. Additionally, the journalist was tortured for several days. They cut her hair, scarred her face, neck, breasts, and legs. They also stole electronic devices, computers, money and other reporting tools. To date, the damage is worth $80 million, according to sources on a five-year investigation into the woman and her relationship to someone in the White House.

As a result, she and other journalists affected made plans to file a United Nations complaint for, among other things, limiting freedom of speech, religious persecution, invasion of privacy, disturbing the peace, human rights abuse and failure to adequately protect her and her family under the 14th Amendment.

According to a draft of the complaint, law enforcement officials have invaded thier privacy since 2013. That’s because they were invited by several Connecticut residents to learn about what the state and rogue police officers had done to violate their civil rights and civil liberties. Greater Hartford residents said they  wanted them to “tell the story,” so that the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division could intervene on attempts to enslaved them in poverty. This new form of slavery, they said, was called “slavery by another name.” That includes debt slavery under the Obama administration’s Law Enforcement Project to examine police misconduct.

On March 8, 2016, the perpetrators allegedly tried to assassinate one journalist in Saint Francis Hospital because of the story she uncovered in 2015. Also, the story about Gugsa “Abe” Dabela  was also linked to this matter and a former Connecticut resident, Rahiel Tesfamariam, sources said.  Gugsa was a Redding attorney killed early morning on April 5, 2014 while the same journalist was being accosted by Lt. Kelly Walsh of the Avon Police Department.

According to sources close to this case,  state officials and other law enforcement agents did not want the reporter to write about the Dabela or other racially charged case to provoke a Black Lives Matter movement in Connecticut.

After a year and a half of investigating another story linked to the Dabela case, several  officers from the Avon Police Department, the Hartford Police Department and other governmental agencies have had several journalists under surveillance. They also have, on several occasions, forced them out of the state during important dates surrounding the allegedly investigation of corruption and fraud.

Below is a list of suspects who participated–overtly and covertly– in this human rights abuse and media suppression case, most notable for allegedly using Santeria and government resources to inflict harm on individuals and “steal” thier education and biographies.


  1. Rahiel Tesfamariam (stalking and theft of services for Urban Cusp magazine since September 2012);  2. Francesca Chambers (stalking, assault, and theft of services since 2012 for Red Alert Politics);  3. Sasha Allen for North End Agents (stalking, theft of services, assault since 2014);   4. Langley Giles North End Agents (stalking and sexual harassment); 5. Lansana Koroma for Urban Cusp (stalking since and theft of services 2013); 6. Shawn Turner (stalking and theft of services since 2015); 7. Janice Flemming (stalking, assault and batter, burglary, identity theft, and theft of services); 8. Thomas Clarke, III (stalking and sexual harassment); 9. Wildaliz Bermudez (stalking and theft of services since 2014); 10. Andrea Comer for Inquirer News (stalking and theft of services since 2014); 11. Veronica Airey-Wilson (stalking and theft of services); 12. Clive Garrison (stalking and theft of services since 2014);  13. Shelly Sindland (stalking, assault and batter, identity theft, and theft of services since 2014); 14. Susan Campbell (stalking and theft of services since 2014); 15. Jack Dougherty (stalking, battery, sexual harassment since 2016); 16. Eric Connery for Ct Mirro and State Capitol Police (stalking, sexual harassment ring leaders), 17. Dr. Michael Greene (sexual assault, battery, larceny, and identity theft); Mark Pazniokas for CT Mirror (theft of services and identity theft), Jacqueline Rabe Thomas for CT Mirror, Arielle Levin Becker for CT Mirror’s health disparities project (theft of services). Apparently, several individuals are political operatives staging adverse experiences with Santeria to thwart a lawsuit against Halle Berry and others.

Also implicated in the 2-2-2-2 investigation of the larger story:

  1. Dr. Stephen Fishman, 35 Nod Road,  Avon, CT 06001 on Aug. 4, 2014

       2. Dr. Odim Kuiper, 20 W. Avon Road, Suite 201, Avon, CT 06001 during October 2014 (deficient service).

      3. James Bussiere and Dr. Rachel Felstein, Avon Center Dentistry, 19 Ensign Drive, Avon, CT 06001 on April 2, 2014 ( dificient services).

       4. Michael Greene, DDS, 711 Blue Hills Avenue, Hartford, CT 860-242-4848 (dificient services and assault and battery with a deadly weapon on patient),

    5.  Avon Eye Care, 49 W. Main Street, Avon, CT 06001 (falsied record)

     6. John Dempsey Hospital Emergency Room on April 4/5, 2014 (District 5)

Other individuals tied to the crime described above for District 5 Congressional races:

  1. Jahana Hayes & Waterbury crew in April 2011 to present (District 5)
  2. Jonathan Hayes, Avon Police Department, Avon, CT (District 5)
  3. Lt. Kelly Walsh, Avon Police Department, Avon, CT  (District 5)
  4. Judy Smith, New York. accused of theft of services since 2008.

Former United States Attorney for the district of Connecticut Diedre M. Daley (2013 –2017) is also a culprit for not allegedly conducting a full and proper investigation because of bribes and medicaid fraud.

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Hartford Group Honors Women Who ‘Walk Worthy’

HARTFORD —  In an effort to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of women, who impact the Greater Hartford community,  Walk Worthy Brands will award four “walk worthy” awards at the Passing the Torch Brunch on Saturday at Central Connecticut State University.

The awardees are Dr. Ann Marie Adams, a historian and founder of  the first nonprofit, nonpartisan, hyper-local news site, The Hartford Guardian, in Connecticut in 2002. Adams is also a race and education contributor at The Washington Post blogs: The Root.com and The RootDC. Marilyn Calderon, Executive Director of Connecticut Parent Power, Tracey “Mind Evolution” Caldwell, a spoken word artist, and Nicole Locario, a folk dancer with Island Reflections Dance Troupe. The event is scheduled to begin at 11:30 a.m. on Sept. 29 at CCSU’s Institute for Techonology and Business, 185 Main St., New Britain.

The Passing the Torch Brunch was founded by Hartford native, Daemond Benjamin, who use as his guide a biblical phrase from Ephesian 4 verse 1: “I therefore the prisoner of the Lord beseech you that you walk worthy of the vocation with which you are called.”

Many of the awardees, he said, are walking worthy daily and empowering the community.

“We felt it was important to acknowledge the many unsung SheRoes in our community. The honorees embody the best our tradition and their works cover the span of journalism, activism, and performing arts,” Benjamin said.

The event will include performances by local artist, a keynote address by Rahael Tesfamariam of Urban Cusps and the Washington Post’s RootDC, as well as West Indian and Southern style cuisine.

Tickets are $25. For more information, visit WalkWorthyBrands.com/events, email walkworthybrands@gmail.com, or call 860.881.8594.

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