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Hilary Clinton Tops Bernie Sanders in Quinnipiac Poll for New York Primary

By Ann-Marie Adams | @annmarieadams

HARTFORD – Black votes matter.

And according to a Quinnipiac Poll just released on Monday, Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has an edge in hauling in the majority of the black vote this November.

With just a week before New York holds its primary, Clinton tops Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont 53 – 40 percent or 13 percentage points among New York State likely Democratic primary voters.

Nationwide, she has a 65 – 28 percent lead among black voters nationwide. The poll shows that self-described “very liberal” democrats back Sanders 55 – 41 percent, while Clinton takes “somewhat liberal” and “moderate to conservative”. She is also more popular among older Democratic voters.

This is no surprise—since Clinton was the transplanted New York Senator from Chappaqua. Sanders, who made his political career in Vermont, was born and raised in Brooklyn.

Today’s results show little movement from a March 31 survey showing Clinton over Sanders 54 – 42 percent. It is also similar to a Monmouth University survey and Fox News poll released this week.

Among Democratic likely primary voters, seven percent are undecided and 18 percent of those who name a candidate say they might change their mind by next Tuesday.

“Black voters matter for Secretary Hillary Clinton in the New York Democratic primary,” said Quinnipiac University Poll Assistant Director Maurice Carroll. “She leads Sen. Bernie Sanders in many New York demographic groups except the young folks and very liberal voters, but it’s a huge lead among black voters that gives her a comfortable double-digit margin.”

Carroll said that gender is also a factor because New York women like the idea of nominating the first woman president.

She leads 55 – 38 percent among women in New York, while men are divided, with 48 percent for Clinton and 43 percent for Sanders, shrinking the gender gap which appears in Quinnipiac University surveys in other states.

White voters are divided, with 50 percent for Clinton and 45 percent for Sanders.

Among the Republican primary, Trump leads in his homestate.  Trump has 55 percent of New York likely Republican primary voters, followed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 20 percent and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas with 19 percent.

Among likely Republican primary voters, Trump leads among every group, from Tea Party members to moderate to liberal Republicans, among men and women and voters of every age group and in every region of the state.

The poll shows Trump with 56 percent, followed by Cruz at 20 percent and Kasich at 19 percent.

In today’s survey, six percent of Republican likely primary voters are undecided, but 22 percent of those who name a candidate say they might change their mind.

Born-again Evangelical Christians are more closely divided, with 41 percent for Trump, 37 percent for Cruz and 16 percent for Kasich.

The New York primary system is closed, which means only registered Democrats and Republicans should cast ballots. Independents do not participate in either primary.

The Quinnipiac survey was conducted between April 6 and 11. It polled 550 Republican voters and 860 Democratic voters.

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Quinnipiac Poll: Gov. Dannel P. Malloy Job Approval Rating At All-Time Low

By Ann-Marie Adams, Staff Writer

HARTFORD —  Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has the lowest job approval rating in his tenure and in the nine years Quinnipiac University has been conducting its poll.

Malloy’s job approval rating is the lowest among the nine states polled this year, poll officials said Wednesday in a statement to the press.

Quinnipiac found that only a third of Connecticut voters approve of how he is governing the state. Among Democratic voters, only 58 percent say he is doing a good job.

The most recent poll results are down from a negative 43 – 47 percent approval rating in a March 11 survey by Quinnipiac.

Malloy gets a lackluster 58 – 33 percent approval from Democrats, while the disapproval rating is 86 – 8 percent among Republicans and 61 – 29 percent among independent voters.  Men disapprove 62 – 31 percent and women disapprove 55 – 33 percent.

“Gov. Dannel Malloy’s job approval rating has plummeted to 32 percent, close to the historic 24 percent low hit by disgraced former Gov. John Rowland in January 2004, and Gov. Malloy is not in the middle of a corruption scandal,” said QU Poll Director Douglas Schwartz.

File Photo: Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

File Photo: Gov. Dannel P. Malloy

The governor’s job-approval numbers are impacted by pocket-book issues such as jobs, quality of life, social inequality, racism and discrimination in the state, sources said.

Another report outside of the state shows that Malloy’s approval rating has  sunk to a low of 32 percent.

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