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Sen. Fonfara Introduces Bill To Curb Noise

HARTFORD — Some Hartford residents are looking for a way to curb motorcycle disturbances.

This has prompted Sen. John Fonfara (D-Hartford) yesterday to introduce Senate Bill 82 before the General Assembly’s Transportation Committee.

The aim, according Fonfara, is to reduce unnecessary and disruptive noise from motorcycles.

If the bill becomes law, motorcycle owners would be issued safety inspection stickers or registration plates for motorcycles with tail pipes that violate maximum legal noise levels. Law enforcement would also be allowed tto issue tickets for violations.

“Motorcyclists who outfit their bikes with loud, illegal mufflers disturb the quality of life in every neighborhood they drive through,”  Senator Fonfara in a statement to the press. “Many of my constituents have complained to me of being woken up by extremely loud motorcycles. They have even been known to set off alarms in parked cars.”

Senator Fonfara added that there are already  laws on the books that limit motorcycle noise, and this bill is designed to help enforce those laws.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already regulates an 80 decibel limit for all motorcycles manufactured since 1985. Connecticut has a similar law on the books for all motor vehicles, including motorcycles.

The bill was inspired by a California law that passed in 2010 and is effect in two years. California’s Motorcycle Anti-Tampering Act gives law enforcement the ability to issue citations for illegally noisy exhaust pipes of $50 to $100 for a first violation, which can be waived after installation of a legal exhaust pipe. Subsequent offenses range from $100 to $250.


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