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Hartford Council OKs “Beyond Bones” Budget

HARTFORD — Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra has cause to celebrate today.

The Hartford Court of Common Council on Monday unanimously adopted a $549 million budget for the city’s 2011-2012 fiscal year.

In a 9-0 vote, council members confidently presented a budget they believed was “cut beyond bones” to lower the city’s mill rate from 72.79 to 72.29 mills.  One mill equals $1 for each $1000 assessed on properties.

In the process of cutting positions at the police department and merging departments at city hall, council members said they strived to balance the need for critical services and the already burdensome taxes.

“In the end, we were one council trying to serve the city,” said Kenneth Kennedy who chaired the budget committee. “The mayor worked diligently with us.”

Segarra proposed a $547.7 million budget, a 0.6 percent increase over last year’s budget. Upon review, the council cut $1.75 million from that budget.

Segarra praised the budget process and the final product, which will be sent to him for approval.

“This budget, and the entire process for that matter, reflects my administration’s mission and goals,” Segarra said. ” I am proud of the prudent and responsible fiscal decisions that were made; decisions that expand opportunities and jobs for city residents and keep Public Safety, Summer Youth Employment, essential city services, and economic development.”


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Hartford Mayor Presents Budget With No New Taxes

HARTFORD — The city of Hartford is facing no lay-offs, no tax rate increase, and no dip in the rainy-day fund.

So said Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra, who on Monday submitted his proposed 2011-12 budget to City Council.

Facing residents’ resistance to another tax increase, Segarra and his administration delivered a budget that “returns the City to the fiscal year 2008-09 spending levels.”  He said the proposed budget is $3.3 million, or .6 percent, larger than the previous year’s budget, and that increase is due to collective bargaining requirements and pension contributions.

Segarra said his budget invests in summer youth employment, economic development and job creation, and public safety by including new Police and Fire recruit classes.

The largest portion of the City’s budget, more than $283 million, is allocated to education, he said.

The deadline to adopt the budget is May 31.

A public hearing on the budget will be held on Tuesday, April 26 at 6:00 p.m. at Bulkeley High School Auditorium.

See budget here.

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Hartford Mayor Segarra Skeds Town Hall Meeting

HARTFORD — In another push to engage the city in the 2011-12 budget process, Mayor Pedro Segarra will hold a town hall meeting on Tuesday at the Hartford Public Library.

Segarra is scheduled to unveil his budget plans before he submits it to the City Council on April 18.

Organizers of the town hall meeting said this gathering is an opportunity for the mayor to hear city residents’ ” ideas and suggestions about how to both balance the budget and make City Government more efficient, more effective and more transparent.”

They said residents are encouraged to ask questions and share thoughts on how best to achieve a a balanced budget that ” will improve the quality of life for all our residents in our diverse neighborhoods.”

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