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Coalition To Help Haiti Meets Tonight

HARTFORD — A group of African Americans and Caribbean-Americans have united to help support Haiti’s reconstruction in the aftermath of the country’s recent, catastrophic earthquake that has crippled an already poverty-striven island in the Caribbean and affected about three million people.

The African American Caribbean Coalition will  begin discussions on the logistics of the fundraising effort at The Sportsmen’s Athletic Club in Hartford. The meeting is scheduled to start at 6 p.m.  

The new initiative, organizers said, was designed to bring special support to the victims in the country of Haiti and to serve as a symbolic gesture of unity within the African diaspora in Hartford.   

The AACC ,which is comprised of African American & West Indian leaders, was organized last December to bridge the communication gap between the two groups, said one organizer, Michael Chambers. He is the director of the Cricket Hall of Fame.

Instead of sending money to Haiti, the group will help rebuild a  small village in Haiti, Chambers said. The village of Saint Rock was chosen because  a member of the coalition, Bill Johnson, is already working with that village.

Johnson, who lives in Longmeadow,  MA, is a volunteer with the Haiti  Saint Rock Foundation,w hich is based in the Boston area.

Hartford’s Neighborhood Centers Inc. will serve as the fiduciary body for all  monetary contributions to help support Haiti in the month of February, Chambers said.  

For more information,  please contact Michael Chambers at 860-250-2796 or the Hartford or Neighborhood Centers, Inc. at 860-251-6517.

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