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New America Now: New Wave of Republicans and Obama’s Travels

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Khalil Abdullah and Valeria Fernandez join us for Ethnic Media Watch this week, discussing the enormous amount of money in remittances that comes into the US from abroad and the African-American Republicans elected to office last week.
Stories discussed this week:
Newly Elected Black Republicans—Where Will They Fit?
Estados Unidos recibe cuantiosas remesas


Aziz Haniff of India Abroad talks with Sandip about Obama’s trip to India: why Obama went, what he hoped to accomplish, and what the Indian news is saying about his visit.
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Rediff scooped the Obama-UN story on Oct 15! – Rediff.com India News


Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig discusses her play Lidless and how the generation after Guantanamo deals with the trauma of that experience. In a daring leap of imagination, we peer into the life of Alice, a former army interrogator, when she comes face to face with a man she interrogated.

Roxana Saberi chats with Sandip about her time held captive in Iran while she was a journalist reporting there and her book “Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran.” Roxana Saberi will be speaking Oshman Family Jewish Community Center in Palo Alto on November 15 at 7pm.


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