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Movie Review: Endless Love

It’s Endless Love redux. But this time the movie released in theaters Friday fails with cliched themes about love. The first one, starring Brook Shields, Tom Cruise and James Spader, affected many movie-goers in 1981 because of its attempt at the kind of eros found in Shakespeare, like Romeo and Juliet. This movie, not so much.

“Endless Love” is the story of David (Alex Pettyfer) and Jade (Gabriella Wilde), two teens who fall in love. But Jade’s dad wants to keep them apart.

But if you like to look at pretty people fall in love, this one’s for you. Directed by Shana Feste the film stars Alex Pettyfer as David Elliot and Gabriella Wilde as Jade Butterfield, the movie dishes up a smattering of cliched “tender moments” of when boy meets girl, falls in love, overcome obstacles in their way, and then live everily after.

The particulars of this movie is not exactly striking. But it does have a few comic relief scenes, played by  David’s friend played by Dayo Okeniyi,  that punctuate more than an hour of banality.

By Fran Wilson 

Endless Love

Opens on Friday.

Directed by Shana Feste; written by Ms. Feste and Joshua Safran, based on the book by Scott Spencer; director of photography, Andrew Dunn; edited by Maryann Brandon; music by Christophe Beck; production design by Clay Griffith; costumes by Stacey Battat; produced by Scott Stuber, Pamela Abdy, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage; released by Universal Pictures. Running time: 1 hour 43 minutes.

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