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CT Group: Keep Safety Nets For Working Class

HARTFORD —  The Connecticut Community Providers Association released the first in a series of video messages yesterday aimed at legislators and policy makers grappling with balancing the state’s budget.

The video series provides the insight of consumers who rely on the safety net and the providers who help deliver those services.

Community providers deliver services to over 500,000 of the state’s most vulnerable individuals including those with mental illness, substance use disorders, developmental and physical disabilities.

“It is vital that the safety net is protected so that we can continue to serve the neediest people in Connecticut.  These videos put a face on the safety net and demonstrate its value as state officials grapple with difficult decisions about the state budget in the weeks ahead,” said Terry Edelstein, President and CEO of CCPA.

CCPA plans to roll out a series of 4 videos in the next five weeks during the time when the Appropriations Committee is deliberating its budget proposal.

“Policy makers in Hartford have many tough decisions to make this year.  It’s important that they remember who they impact with those decisions,” said Paul Acker, Coordinator of Common Ground, a psychosocial rehabilitation club for InterCommunity, Inc.  “Giving people access to community-based care means that they may stay out of emergency rooms, off the street or out of jail.  That’s just one way in which the community provider system saves the state money.”

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Community Providers React To Budget

By Fran Wilson, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — The Connecticut Community Providers Association yesterday gave a thumps up to Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposed budget that favors maintaining most community-based human services, which are safety net for thousands of residents.

Malloy’s proposed budget maintains level funding for most community provider accounts, but  it does make other cuts in the safety net for people with disabilities.

“Governor Malloy has had to make very difficult decisions in this budget,” said Terry Edelstein, President of CCPA in a statement.  “We are very pleased that this budget avoided major across the board cuts.”

CCPA officials said they are also pleased to see a commitment to meeting growing demands for services, maximizing Federal revenue through expanded Home and Community-Based Waivers and shifting more services into the community through Money Follows the Person, they said.

For the most part, community provider services are level funded. However, there are no increases tied to inflation, even for residential programs with mandated rate inflators.

There are “cost savings” that will likely be passed on to providers reducing their reimbursement such as the proposed co-pays in the Medicaid program, officials said. And  there are also direct reductions in the DCF budget, some tied to the “miscellaneous contract types” that had been recommended for cuts in previous budget options.

“We ask policy makers to remember that community providers are a key part of the solution to this fiscal crisis,” said Patrick Johnson, Jr. President, Oak Hill and CCPA Board Chair.  “With adequate funding we can continue to provide vital health and human services in a cost-effective and efficient way.”

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