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Group to Monitor Hearing on Hartford Police Arrest for Gun Possession

HARTFORD — An advocacy group is inviting the public to a hearing on the recent “overzealous, hysterical arrest and prosecution” of a Hartford fireman found with 29 guns in the presence of a child at his house on Canaan Street.

Hartford Police on Oct. 1 arrested 42-year-old Michael Patterson (pictured below)of 251 Canaan St. in Hartford and charged him with breach of peace, threatening in the second degree and 29 felony counts of risk of injury to a child. The hearing is scheduled for Oct. 16 at 10 a.m. in the Hartford-GA14 courthouse. It is open to the public.

Connecticut Carry members said the hearing should be “educational and enlightening.”

Hartford Police Sgt. Brian Foley said that police investigation is ongoing and Major Crimes Division- Domestic Violence Detectives are still trying to track down and account for firearms at addresses in Hartford, Bloomfield and South Carolina. Detectives are working with the State Firearms Unit to review this incident as well as locate and account for all firearms registered to the accused. Police said Patterson is cooperating with investigators.

Patterson,Michael-HartfordConnecticut Carry questioned Hartford Police’s rationale for Patterson’s arrest, saying the police’s cause for the 29 felony charges is for 29 unloaded firearms being allegedly left accessible in the home where they claim a child resided with ammunition in close proximity is “based on the circumstances that they have used to publicly smear Lieutenant Patterson.”

The group organizers said the  Connecticut General Statutes are “quite clear on this issue, and the legislature did not change the relevant elements of the ‘safe storage’ statute when they repealed it and substituted new language on 4/4/2013.CGS §29-37i specifically addresses the storage of loaded firearms, not unloaded.

Patterson faces a potential sentence of 1 to 10 years and up to $10,000 for each charge, which is twice the potential penalty of criminally negligent storage of a firearm.

The group said it plans to monitor this case to make sure that justice prevails and Patterson is given his fair day in court.

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CC on ‘Starbucks Day’

Dear Editor: Connecticut Carry leadership learned about an event called ‘Starbucks Appreciation Day’ on Aug. 8 at approximately 9:30pm through the opencarry.org Connecticut forum. Connecticut Carry and its leadership has, since November 2010, advised against rallies or events involving firearms at Starbucks locations. This was due to a request from Starbucks to not use their stores as political rally points for the issue of carrying firearms:

We recognize that there is significant and genuine passion surrounding the issue of open carry weapons laws. Advocacy groups from both sides of this issue have chosen to use Starbucks as a way to draw attention to their positions.

As the public debate continues, we are asking all interested parties to refrain from putting Starbucks or our partners into the middle of this divisive issue. As a company, we are extremely sensitive to the issue of gun violence in our society. Our Starbucks family knows all too well the dangers that exist when guns are used irresponsibly and illegally. Without minimizing this unfortunate reality, we believe that supporting local laws is the right way for us to ensure a safe environment for both partners and customers.

Starbucks Corporate Policy Memo dated March 16, 2010

Connecticut Carry respects the rights of a property owner like Starbucks to ask to not be used as a civil rights battleground. We also appreciate their neutral stance even when they encounter a very vocal minority that requests absurd things like policies against firearms in public businesses.

While we absolutely respect and support the right of every citizen of Connecticut to bear arms in any manner they choose, we must also conduct ourselves in a responsible and respectful manner. Connecticut Carry had no part in organizing or sponsoring this event. Likewise, we were unable to find any organization or person that would take responsibility for organizing this event.

We hope that in the future, the wishes of Starbucks will be respected in accordance to their policy. Firearms carriers who simply carry their firearms as they wish in their daily business and save rallies and events for property that is welcoming will help our cause the most. Respecting the property rights of Starbucks is the best way to show appreciation for a business that has been through a lot of turmoil for not taking a negative stance on our rights.

Rich Burgess
Connecticut Carry

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