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State Receives $1.7 Settlement For Defected Drugs

HARTFORD — Attorney General Richard Blumenthal announced Thursday that GlaxoSmithKline will pay Connecticut $1.72 million to settle allegations it sold tainted and defective drugs to the state Medicaid program.

The payment is part of a nationwide $750 million settlement.

GlaxoSmithKline allegedly sold Medicaid, whose cost is shared by the federal government and the states, four drugs that were defective or contaminated because of poor manufacturing practices at the company’s Cidra, Puerto Rico plant.

“GlaxoSmithKline’s dumping of defective drugs on Connecticut Medicaid recipients is shocking and shameful,” Blumenthal said. “Such massive failure to follow formulation and sanitation standards is unacceptable and inexplicable. The company endangered patient health — and pumped up profits — by providing tainted tablets.”

The four tainted drugs were:

Paxil CR: A controlled-release antidepressant improperly formulated so recipients received no active ingredient or only the active ingredient without the controlled-release mechanism;

Avandamet: A diabetes medication containing higher or lower amounts of the active ingredient than specified;

Kytril: An anti-nausea drug labeled as sterile, but with some vials containing impurities;

Bactroban: Antibiotic ointments and creams that, in some packages, were contaminated with microorganisms.

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Hartford Casts Decisive Vote For Richard Blumenthal

HARTFORD — At the statewide Democratic Party convention on Friday,  Hartford delegates cast a decisive vote for a senatorial candidate who “won’t back down.”

There in  Hartford’s CT Expo Center, delegates voted 44 to 17  for Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator. Former Councilman Louis Watkins voiced the vote at about 8 p.m.

Shortly afterward, there was a stunner: Blumenthal’s challenger Merrick Alpert  withdrew from the race to cast his vote for Blumenthal.

“I’d like to formally withdraw my name from the nomination,” Alpert said with his wife at his side. “And I will cast my vote for Richard Blumenthal.”

Hartford Guardian photo: Blumenthal greets supporter at Democrat Party Convention at Expo Center in Hartford.

Blumenthal, who has been under scandal the previous week for misspeaking about his service in the military, won the vote by acclamation. Democrat Party  Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo said he was still enroute to the convention when the nomination was confirmed by voice vote at 8: 12 p.m. Blumenthal was scheduled to be on at 9 p.m., she said.

“It happened so quickly,” DiNardo said after delegates emptied the center. She said Alpert came up to her in the wings and asked to go on stage to withdraw. He remained on stage until Blumenthal made his way to the wings.

Then Tom Petty’s song, “I Won’t Back Down,” blared from the speakers  and he walked on stage. In his acceptance speech for the Democratic Party nomination, Blumenthal made reference to his debacle , sparked by the New York Times article earlier this week. The article referenced a  2008 speech  in which he said he served in the Vietnam War instead of during the war. Blumenthal countered by saying he misspoke and he won’t  allow his opponents to use ” misplaced words”  to deter him.

“This week, as you all know, I had a little bit of a tough time myself,” he said with a smile. “ You all have been hearing what my wife Cynthia, has been telling me for almost 30 years. That I am not perfect. That I make mistakes.”

Blumenthal then vowed to fight for the people of Connecticut.

“People look at Washington—and can’t find anyone standing up for them, “ he said. “Let me go to Washington as your United States Senator, and I will fight for you.”

Hartford delegate Donald Brown said he was confident Blumenthal will fight in Washington.

“He’s a fighter. He stands up for the little guy and the big guy. He will fight,” Brown said.

The convention ended abruptly at about 8: 30 p.m. and a packed expo center thinned out in 15 minutes. Its second day will begin at 8: 30 a.m. on Saturday with nominations for attorney general, comptroller, governor, secretary of state and lieutenant governor.

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