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AG Investigates Wells Fargo & Co.

HARTFORD — Wells Fargo & Co may have breached the privacy of thier customers by releasing their social security numbers as a part of a fraud investigation, according to Attorney General George Jepsen’s office.

That’s why Jepsen is asking Wells Fargo & Co. for an explanation of why it may have disclosed the social security numbers of customers when it sent them copies of subpoenas issued by the state Department of Social Services.

DSS was seeking the financial records to determine whether financial information was falsified on applications for D-SNAP benefits submitted by some state employees.

It is a violation of Connecticut law for individuals or entities entrusted with Social Security numbers to disclose them improperly, Jepsen said.

Jepsen wrote Wednesday in a letter to James M. Strother, Wells’ senior executive vice president and general counsel.

Officials said published reports suggested social security numbers of multiple individuals, together with identifying information, were included on at least two subpoenas issued to Wells, and that Wells provided copies of those subpoenas to customers without redacting the personal information of the other customers.

Jepsen asked the company to respond by next week “so that I may determine the appropriateness of Wells’ conduct and whether Wells must provide affected individuals with protections against identity theft or other harms.”

If a breach of customer information has occurred, Jepsen said, he would ask the company to provide affected customers with credit monitoring, identity theft insurance and security freeze reimbursement.


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Attorney General Investigates Facebook Fraud

HARTFORD — State Attorney General George Jepson is investigating Facebook after a complaint that Facebook was used to steal someone’s identity and used to solicit money.

On Monday, Jepsen sent a letter asking Facebook for information about ways the social network detects fraudulent accounts.

This investigation followed a complaint made by  Milford legislator, Rep. Kim Rose, D-118th District. Rose claimed  that her identity was misused in a scam that solicited her friends for money. She said she contacted the site on several occasions about the matter, but Facebook did not respond quickly to to take the site with her name and photograph.

Jepsen, in his  letter to Facebook, said his office would investigate “because of the real and immediate danger of financial fraud and identity theft associated with this scam.”

Jepsen also asked the company for information about the number of complaints it had received in the last 18 months about fraudulent or “hacked” accounts; its policies and procedures for responding to complaints and how long it took them to do so and information about any safeguards in place to detect and disable fake or “hacked” Facebook accounts.

Rose said she welcome the state’s investigation into this matter.

“I’m pleased that the Attorney General has recognized the significance of this matter for consumers and has worked so quickly to get some answers,” said Rep. Rose. “I’m hopeful this action will help to protect other consumers from identity theft in the future.”

Facebook was asked to provide the information to the Office of the Attorney General by Feb. 22.

Jepsen said Rep. Rose’s complaint followed other public reports of security lapses resulting in the hacking of private Facebook pages, including the pages of Facebook’s own chief executive.


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