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Letter: Andrea Comer for State Board of Ed? No Way

Dear Editor

I read that Gov. Dan Malloy appointed Andrea Comer to the State Board of Education and the General Assembly will vote on it soon. I vehemently oppose this move by the governor. Ms. Comer, I’m sure, is an intelligent and civic- minded woman. But as a parent of three children in the Hartford School system, I feel strongly about the governor’s latest appointment.There is no way I feel Ms. Comer should be on the state board that actually voted to giver her school money and might probably do so again.

letterstohartfordguardianI didn’t say anything when they put her in charge of Jumoke Academy at Milner School—even though she has no experience educating students. I saw that as a political appointment for the work she does for politicians. And I figured the move served her political ambition.

Besides, I read somewhere that the same board that she was appointed to approved funding for the school that she runs. Please. What kind of message are you sending those children and people in Connecticut? We might not be as visible and vocal Mr. Malloy. But you best believe we are not stupid.

There are plenty of other black people, especially educated and compassionate black females who are well qualified for the position on the State Board of Education. And they are not hard to find in Connecticut.

Do the right thing. And find individuals who are not politically connected in the same North End group with Abe Giles and whose only political agenda is the welfare of kids. Thank you.

Simone B.


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