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Secretary of State: Too Many Absentee Ballots Returned

By Anthony Zepperi, Staff Writer

As the Nov. 3 election gets closer, 455,861 absentee ballots have been returned, accounting for roughly 20 percent of Connecticut’s registered voters.

A total of 659,894 absentee ballots have been processed in the state for the November election, meaning they have been sent out to voters, but have not yet been returned to municipal registrars. There are about 2.28 million registered voters in Connecticut.

“There’s no frame of reference for this, because it’s the first general election in Connecticut history that anyone, who wanted an absentee ballot could get one,” Gabe Rosenberg, spokesperson for Connecticut Secretary of the State Denise Merrill said. “In 2016, there were about 125,000 absentee ballots counted, and we’re still 10 days away from the election, and we’re at 455,000 returned with 10 days to go and at least another 200 ,000 outstanding  and there’s time still for more to get requested. Clearly, this is unprecedented.”

By the numbers, most of returned ballots are from registered Democrats (233,214). Registered Republicans have accounted for 67,707 ballots, and another 148,563 of the returned ballots are from unaffiliated voters.

“I just think it’s the enthusiasm of people to participate in the electoral process,” said Rosenberg. “And a little bit of fear of COVID that’s caused people to want to vote from absentee. Anecdotally, some voters have found that voting by absentee and dropping it in the drop box to be very convenient, and that they like voting that way.”

Gov. Ned Lamont signed an executive order early in the pandemic to mail absentee ballot applications to all 1.2 million registered Democrats and Republicans. Because there is nothing historically to compare this wave of absentee ballots, Rosenberg said there is no expectation for how many total absentee ballots will be cast by the end of the election.

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Absentee Ballots Available For November Election

HARTFORD — Voters who will be out of town on election day can now send for  absentee ballots and cast a ballot in Municipal Elections on Tuesday Nov. 8.

Absentee ballots are available for any registered Connecticut voters who will be otherwise unable to go to their polling place on election day.

Secretary of State Denise Merrill has urged eligible voters to register to vote by the deadline of Nov. 1 so they can vote.

“I urge any registered voters who know they will be out of town or otherwise unable to make it to their polling place on Election Day to apply for an absentee ballot now,” said Merrill, Connecticut’s chief elections official.  “Don’t put off applying for an absentee ballot until it is too late – make sure you have a say in who serves in your local government.”

To obtain an absentee ballot, registered Connecticut voters can download an application from the Secretary of the State’s website www.sots.ct.gov or local town websites, or they can contact their local town clerk’s office to pick up an application in-person or receive one through the mail.  After the applications are submitted, absentee ballots will be sent to registered voters who request them within days.  Absentee ballots must be signed and can be returned through the mail or in-person.

In order to be counted for the general election, absentee ballots must be received by town clerks no later than 8:00 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 8.


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