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Four New England States to Address Climate Change

By Anthony Zepperi, Staff Writer

HARTFORD – Recognizing the critical role that New England’s regional wholesale electricity market plays in addressing climate change, Gov. Ned Lamont and the governors of four other northeast states issued a statement calling for reforms needed to achieve their states’ respective goals for clean, affordable, and reliable electricity.

“When Connecticut deregulated our electricity sector, we were promised competition, lower risk for ratepayers, more affordable electricity, and a system that respects and accommodates our clean energy mandates,” Lamont said. “What we got is a system that has actively hindered our efforts to decarbonize the grid, and imposed burdensome costs on Connecticut ratepayers to fix market design failures…working together with our neighboring states, I’m committed to achieving a regional electricity grid that provides the affordable, clean, and reliable electricity that Connecticut families and businesses deserve.”

Lamont, Maine Gov. Janet Mills, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo, and Vermont Gov. Phil Scott are calling for reform of the regional electricity market design, transmission planning process, and the governance of the ISO-New England, the independent system operator for the New England power system.

A vision document outlining specific areas for reform will be released later through the New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCOE), a nonprofit entity that represents the collective perspective of the New England states in regional electricity matters.

Governor Mills said that electricity usage must be changed to fit the current policies put in place by lawmakers.

“It is far past time that New England reforms how its electric grid is managed,” Mills said. “The wholesale electricity markets must advance and support clean energy laws and policies, as the states demand decarbonization and markets and consumers support more renewables.”

Governor Baker said that it is paramount that New England states have a working power system.

“To meet to our administration’s goal of net zero emissions in Massachusetts by 2050, the Commonwealth needs a regional electricity system that can support the delivery of clean, affordable, and reliable energy to residents and businesses,” Baker said. “My administration looks forward to working with our partner states, ISO-New England and stakeholders to build a more transparent, modern and cost-effective power system that will allow New England states to meet our ambitious climate change and clean energy goals while creating a better future for our residents.”

In the coming months, the states will convene open and accessible forums to ensure that all interested stakeholders have an opportunity to participate in further refinement of the principles of the shared vision.

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Gov. Ned Lamont Signs Property Revitalization Bill

Anthony Zepperi, Staff Writer

HARTFORD – Gov. Ned Lamont recently announced that he has signed into law a property revitalization bill that will promote the revitalization of environmentally contaminated, blighted parcels of land and put them back into good use in a way that will benefit the local economy of towns throughout Connecticut while at the same time ensuring environmental integrity.

Approved with bipartisan, unanimous support during the recent special session of the Connecticut General Assembly, the legislation sunsets the Connecticut Property Transfer Act of 1985, which both environmentalists and economic development officials agree was obsolete and ineffective and authorizes the development of a more flexible, predictable, environmentally sustainable, and socially just, release-based regulatory program commonly used in most other states.

Under this new system, rather than singling out certain properties with onerous requirements, it focuses compliance on contamination that poses the greatest risk to the environment, and creates a uniform, predictable set of standards to guide cleanups of low-risk spills without a lot of red tape.

The governor said this renewed approach will take parcels that have gone unused for generations and make them more attractive to private investors, benefiting both the environment and economic development. It is estimated that there are about 4,200 properties in Connecticut that fall under the Transfer Act, and only about a quarter of them have been cleaned up since the program began 35 years ago.

“In today’s challenging times, we are doing everything we can to build a stronger Connecticut economy that is safer and healthier environment for our children,” Lamont said. “This new law will streamline cleanups of contaminated properties, bring properties back to life and there’s never been a more important time to fix regulations that aren’t working, and adopt solutions for the greater good and benefit of our great state.”

The legislation was built through the robust participation of a diverse multitude of stakeholders and with the technical inputs of the professional staff at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).

In particular, Lamont thanked the co-chairs of the legislature’s Environment Committee, State Senator Christine Cohen (D-Guilford) and State Representative Mike Demicco (D-Farmington) as well as the co-chairs of the Commerce Committee State Senator Joan Hartley (D-Waterbury) and State Representative Caroline Simmons (D-Stamford) for their advocacy in getting the bill approved by both chambers of the General Assembly.

Connecticut Energy and Environmental Protection Commissioner Katie Dykes said that she is working hard with business people to help create a more efficient clean-up system.

“This year, with strong legislative leadership and bipartisan support, we are responding to that call, and will finally move to a more effective release-based cleanup framework that matches the rest of the country,” Dykes said. “This new approach will protect our environment and our communities while incentivizing smart, sustainable, and environmentally informed development. DEEP looks forward to working collaboratively with stakeholders on the regulatory framework in the months ahead.”

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One Million Lives Lost in the Covid-19 Pandemic

HARTFORDThe Hartford Editor and Publisher Ann Marie Adams thanks God, family and friends for blessing us with our lives to carry on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We pray for world peace and health, our staff, our freelancers, our support staff and volunteers to endure this coronavirus epidemic that’s taking the lives of our loved ones. Therefore, we will resume publishing on Oct. 24, 2020.

We also call for a hearing to learn about the underlying theological causes of this recent phenomenon that affects all of us, not just some of us. We want all who are concerned about the current calamatiy to contact us at to discuss this sobering reality in these times.

Here’s a letter from the United Nations to address this sobering milestone in the pandemic.

Remarks by H.E. Mr. Volkan Bozkir,




Thank you for the opportunity to address today’s Ministerial Meeting.

I only wish we could be together, in the same room.

The loss of contact, however, is only one of the many casualties of the global pandemic, which this week hit the sobering mark of one million lives lost.

COVID-19 has shaken our world. In addition to the many who have suffered and suffer, many countries are now facing severe challenges to their economies and social systems. 

Even the finest of healthcare systems and social safety nets have been tried and tested by this pandemic. Where does this leave those who were already behind?

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, it is the most vulnerable that are hit hardest.

Middle-income countries are no exception and have the unique challenge of being caught somewhere in the middle – excuse the pun. They are both economic powerhouses and struggling with inequality; they are home to abundant resources and innovation, and yet must fight their way through global financial and economic systems that are not always designed in their favor.

MICs made remarkable progress against the Sustainable Development Goals. COVID-19, however, is setting back these gains.

In addition to health and well-being, the pandemic is exacerbating poverty, limiting economic growth, elevating debt levels, and limiting access to education, to name but a few.

Coupled with multidimensional poverty, vulnerability to shocks, and significant debt burdens, COVID has reinforced the prospect of a ‘middle-income trap’, exacerbating already formidable development challenges.

In this context, I encourage the IFIs to consider factors other than GDP per capita for assessing access to finance.

I am confident that we can seize this moment to convert crisis into opportunity; to accelerate progress on the SDGs throughout the Decade of Action; and to adopt innovative policies and strategies that properly and adequately address the needs of MICs.

I am confident that together, at the High-Level Meeting on Middle-Income Countries, which I am mandated to host during the session, you will present practical proposals to this effect.

Excellencies, there is no linear path to sustainable development – no one size fits all – we must endeavor to make flexible and adaptable the international systems and tools that support countries in their development goals. Particularly now, in their time of need.

I look forward to working with you on this and I thank you very much for having me in this meeting.

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State Arrests Avon Man For Identity Theft, Forgery

AVON — An Avon man was accused of stealing someone’s identity and forging her signature, a blatant repeat of a similar incident in 2014 for the real Olivia Pope.

Michael J. Cronin, 57, of 24 Kingsbridge, Avon, was arrested by Inspectors from the Division of Criminal Justice and charged with 26 counts of forgery in the second degree, and 12 counts of identity theft in the third degree involving various real estate and refinancing documents pertaining to the divorce from his first wife, according to one arrest warrant affidavit. 

A second arrest warrant affidavit alleges that Cronin forged the name of an attorney on a financial affidavit related to Cronin’s divorce from his second wife, and that he did so while on release from an earlier criminal case that is pending in Hartford Superior Court. 

Cronin was the former treasurer of the state Senate Republican Leadership Committee, a political action committee (PAC), and previously had been arrested and charged with allegedly stealing approximately $267, 800 from the committee for his personal use. 

Cronin appeared on Thursday in Hartford Superior Court where a judge set bond at $200,000.

All three cases are being prosecuted by the Statewide Prosecution Bureau of the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney.

Forgery in the second degree is a class D felony punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine up to $5,000. Identity Theft in the second degree is also a class D felony.

The other incident that may be tied to Cronin’s identity theft and forgery involves an Avon woman who inspired the ABC show, “Scandal,” She was also the victim theft of services and larceny after she was identified by Avon Officer Jonathan Haynes in 2014. aHaynes and other Avon police officers revealed her identity as the real Olivia Pope.

The suspect in the crime for theAvon woman, Judy Smith, was interrogated. No word yet on when Avon police will make an arrest. Smith allegedly worked in tandem with Cronin.

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Lamont Issues New Fines for Wearing No Mask

By Anthony Zepperi, Staff Writer

HARTFORD – Gov. Ned Lamont announces Monday that there are new fines aimed at residents, who undermine the state’s masking and gathering mandates during the novel Coronavirus.

Based on these new rules, residents could be fined $100 for violating the mask mandate, $250 for attending a large event and $500 for organizing a large, unsanctioned event.

Currently, the state has capped events at 25 people indoors or 100 people outdoors.

According to Josh Geballe, the state’s chief operating officer, the order was issued on Tuesday and went into effect at midnight on Thursday.

According to Geballe, the new fines were created out of a collaboration between state and local officials, including local law enforcement and health departments.

While Connecticut was able to flatten the curve, the state’s positivity rate has climbed over one percent again to 1.2 percent in recent days as more colleges and schools reopened, a fact that Lamont said figured in his decision to sign the new executive order.

“I think the numbers are still trending in the right direction,” Lamont said

Municipalities have struggled with enforcement of the state’s coronavirus-related mandates since the pandemic began.

Geballe said that it is a challenge to enforce these rules in a realistic sense.

“There wasn’t really much that was being done, because many people viewed[a misdemeanor charge as excessively harsh for failing to wear a mask if you couldn’t socially distance,” Geballe said. “So they asked for this new tool, an infraction that was a bit of a step-down enforcement.”

Geballe said that decisions to make stricter rules were always on past discussions.

“It’s come up over and over again, to the point where we felt it was an appropriate thing to do,” Geballe said.

As of Sept. 19, 2020, there have been 55,527 positive cases of the virus and 4,492 deaths with 77 patients currently hospitalized, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Dozens of Schools Shut Down in September

Anthony Zepperi, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — As the new school year recently commenced, more than a dozen public schools across Connecticut have temporarily shut down classroom learning due to Coronavirus cases among students and staff, as administrators ask for transparency in school closure recommendations from the state.

Gov. Ned Lamont said that schools should not shut down just because of a single case, particularly at the K through 8 level where most districts are cohorting students.

“I think it’s worth remembering that of all the schools that have been opened, some full-time, some part-time, we have had 32 infections,” Lamont said. “That’s 32 out of six or seven hundred thousand students and teachers and administrators so it’s a much lower positivity rate than we’re used to seeing in the general population right now.”

Lamont said that confusion is warranted during the pandemic.

 “There will be some confusion, but generally that means a class is being quarantined if there happens to be an infection,” Lamont said.

As of Monday afternoon, at least 11 schools had closed for at least a day due to a coronavirus case, in addition to the entire New Milford school district, which includes five schools and the Litchfield Hills Transition Center for young adults with disabilities.

High schools around the state closed due to positive cases, including schools in West Haven, Westbrook and Killingly, Dag Hammarskjold Middle School in Wallingford and the Tisdale School in Bridgeport.

West Haven Superintendent of Schools Neil Cavallaro said that schools must cooperate with the proper buildings to help prevent the spread of the virus.

“In accordance with the CDC recommendations, Connecticut public schools are not conducting widespread or regular testing of students and staff,” Cavallaro said. “When a student or staff member decides to get tested and tests positive, school administrators and local health officials must conduct contact tracing.”

Cavallaro said that he is thinking of all options available in any case schools have to be shut down.

“There’s going to be positive cases,” Cavallaro said. “ I think what’s going to happen is, as we move into the school year, we will refine our process of when we will decide to close schools or what’s going to be the ultimate factor in us closing schools.”

All decisions to close down schools will be decided from other pertinent officials, according to Lamont.

“If we think people are getting too remissive or too restrictive, maybe Deidre Gifford, acting commissioner of the state Department of Public Health or Miguel Cardona, state education commissioner, will reach out to them,” he said.

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Connecticut Schools Ranked Among the Best

By Anthony Zepperi, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — Connecticut’s schools made the grade, according to a national education report.

Gov. Ned Lamont and State Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona on Friday announced that Connecticut’s K-12 schools have been ranked as the third best in the nation by Education Week in the annual education of its “Quality Counts 2020: Grading the States’ report.

Connecticut received a grade of “B” with an overall score of 84.1 out of 100 points. The nation as a whole received a grade of “C.”

The report, based on an analysis by the Education Week Research Center, reviews how well the nation and the states do on assuring bright prospects for success over the course of a lifetime, how much they spend on schools and how fairly that money is distributed as well as the outcomes reflected by indicators such as test scores and graduation rates.

A state’s overall grade is the average of its scores on the three separate indices tracked by the report, which are school finance, chance-for-success, and K-12 achievement.

Lamont said that he appreciates the instructors who work diligently to help teach students.

“The strength of a state is dependent upon the health of its education system, and Connecticut’s schools are once again being recognized as among the best in the nation,” Lamont said. “We have the best teachers of any state and they are delivering results that are having positive impacts on students’ lives.

Lamont said that the flourishing of businesses depends on a good and efficient education system.

“The ability to attract businesses and encourage them to expand here is directly tied to the quality of education our workforce receives,” Lamont said.

Commissioner Cardona said that even as the state is battling a pandemic, it still is being recognized as a state with a great education climate.

“Thanks to our collective efforts as one educational community, Connecticut has again ranked third in the nation,” Cardona said. “While this pandemic has thrown unprecedented challenges our way, we are inspired by the heightened sense of commitment and innovation demonstrated by our teachers, families, and school staff to meet the needs of our learners.”

Cardona assures that as students enter the new school year, they will notice the efficiency of the education system.

“We enter 2020-21 in the same spirit of collaboration, and with strengthened resolve, to deliver a reimagined PK-12 that ensures equity, access, and excellence for all students anytime, anywhere,” Cardona said.

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Connecticut to Provide Food Boxes to Residents

By Anthony Zepperi, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — Gov. Ned Lamont announced that state agencies, private businesses and nonprofits are working together to help provide state residents affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with food boxes

The Salvation Army and United Way have partnered with DoorDash, a company known for their door-to-door delivery services with restaurants, to expand the delivery of food boxes to three communities, including Bridgeport, Torrington and Waterbury.

With this program,  people in need of food can call United Way 2-1-1 and express their need.

Lamont said that the state is trying to come up with unique ways to help those affected by the Coronavirus.

This pandemic forced our state to think outside the box when it has come to the delivery of services, and even the delivery of food to those who need it,” Lamont said. “This collaboration is critical to making sure families across our state do not go hungry, and it’s a creative use of resources to help so many of our residents get through this crisis, which has impacted both our public health and our economy.”

United Way communicates their request to the local Salvation Army pantries to prepare food boxes. With a pre-arranged delivery date, DoorDash picks up the food boxes at the Salvation Army for delivery to the individuals in need.

Overseen by Connecticut Agriculture Commissioner Bryan P. Hurlburt, the project has evolved since the start of the pandemic to assist those in need of food. What began with a focus on prepared meals has shifted to other food boxes, providing recipients with a  greater variety of food over a longer duration.

Commissioner Bryan Hurlburt said that this program is one example of how the state is helping those in need.

“This is an example of individual organizations stepping up and coming together, being creative, and utilizing existing systems to meet the needs of our residents during the pandemic,” Hurlburt said. “I commend our partners for their flexibility, dedication, and collaboration to ensure that high-risk individuals have access to food during their time of need.”

Now in its third week,  the program has more than quadrupled the number of boxes delivered since the start. Food boxes are filled with non-perishable foods, including canned goods, apple sauce, rice, beans, peanut butter, tuna, and granola.

Recipients are those identified as homebound, high-risk individuals, typically over 65 years of age.

The effort is one of many being undertaken to support emergency feeding in order to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

It is serving as a pilot project for a larger, soon-to-be-executed effort between the Connecticut Department of Social Services and The Salvation Army that will enable ConneCT Resource Coordinators to have a referral service for individuals who test positive for COVID.

Major Gregory Hartshorn, Divisional Commander for The Salvation Army Southern New England Division, said that this program makes food accessible as residents are currently in quarantine.

“While The Salvation Army has been actively serving food boxes to families in Connecticut since last March, we are especially grateful for this new partnership with the State of Connecticut, United Way 2-1-1, and Door Dash, where we can ensure people in quarantine may continue to have meals delivered to their place of residence,” Hartshorn said.

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Connecticut Journalist to Sue Halle Berry for Copyright Infringement, Media Suppression

Halle Marie Berry in a role soley based on Ann Marie Adams featured in the 1990 movie “Strictly Business.” Adams was a trained actress and a trained model, who worked as a club girl and a hostess in Manhattan and Brooklyn from 1989 to 1992. The photo was photoshopped to look like Adams. Berry, who was chubby before 1987, have been trying to cop Adams’ pretty face and slender physique since 1990, while her associates altered or distort Adams’ face with unknown devices in photographs and then stalked Adams. The photo itself does not match Berry’s actual face in the movie no is an exact replica.
Male actor: Joseph C. Phillips. Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Updated November 12, 2020 at 12:22 p.m.

By Gordon Henry and Jasmine Sanborn, Staff Writers

HARTFORDThe Hartford Guardian‘s Publisher Ann Marie Adams is expected to sue Halle Marie Berry for loss of revenue because of media suppression, invasion of privacy, theft of services and copyright infringement.

Consequently, Adams was forced to alert people about this kind of media suppression that has been expertly done in secret for years by Berry and her associates. A clandestine operation to suppress local journalists, therefore, demanded attention from advocates for a strong democracy and a free press, Adams said.

This means Adams wants a divorce from Berry’s spirit that has been in her life for more than 35 years, as well as her associates who rendered injuries and financial loss to Adams and her family.

“Without Adams, there is no news publication called The Hartford Guardian. She founded an organization that employs dozens of local journalists, support staff and volunteers, who live in Hartford and surrounding areas. So this is not a personal issue. It is strictly business. It affects workers, who need a paycheck. If Berry and her friends disrupt Adams, they are also disrupting her business and her employees,” said David Williams, UConn-Greater Hartford Campus Director emeritus and a board member for The Hartford Guardian.

The recent attacks by Berry and her associates allegedly first happened on the 2010 presidential campaign and then at the White House inaugural ball in January 2013. Afterward, Adams, who now lives in Hartford, was stalked and attacked again in 2014 at her townhouse in Avon, CT. Adams was clueless about Berry’s unorthodox methods of appropriating her likeness and theft of services until President Barack Obama intervened on Adams’ behalf.

Adams, an award-winning journalist and historian, claimed that Berry, 53, has been invading her privacy and appropriating her likeness and biography since they were both selected for the 1991 movie “Strictly Business.” The use of Adams’ likeness is strategic in movies such as “Bulworth” and “Monster’s Ball.” All three films appropriated almost all of her biography at each given time period.

It’s a Caribbean-American look. More specifically, it’s Adams’ look and style, said Dr. Karren Dunkley, a Jamican Diaspora Northeast Representative. Berry was born with a different phenotype than Adams, who is light-skined and akin to the model, Karen Alexander, when she began modeling in 1990. Adams came to America three years before in 1987, before The Cosby Show spin off began in 1987 and ran until 1993. It was indeed a different world for Adams, not for the cast and characters in the television comedy series: “A Different World.”

“This was the beginning of intense racism and xenophobia in the country,” Williams said.

Adams was an immigrant from Jamaica in 1987, coming to America as a whiz kid in chess, a brilliant writer and spelling bee champion. Soon afterward, she was a trained method-actress and a trained model. She was featured in two scenes as Ann Marie Rose in the 1991 film, “Strictly Business.” In between takes, Berry approached the director to express her dissatisfaction about Adams presence in the movie because Adams was considered competition and prettier than Berry in New York. Also, Berry had slimmed down to look like Adams for the role that launched her career.

Above: Halle Berry before she entered the Miss Ohio pageant in 1986.

Moreover, Berry and her associates have frequently interrupted Adams’ career since Adams was editor-in-chief of The Kingsman, a newspaper at Brooklyn College. They continued to interrupt Adams, while she was at the Times Herald Record in New York and The Hartford Courant in CT, where she won a national award for first place in education reporting in 2001.

Ann Marie Adams was Ann Marie Rose in this club scene before Berry approached her on the set to express herself about Adams’ presence in the movie because Adams was competition during the 1990s acting and modeling scene in New York

And the disruption continued into 2014, Adams said. Berry and her associates, some of whom traveled to Connecticut, staged adverse experiences for six years, while Berry auditioned, rehearsed and promoted “John Wick 3, Parabellum.” The media suppression was primarily to thwart the news story about Berry’s invasion, according to Hollywood insiders, and to prevent Adams’ from promoting her accomplishments with her own facial features in pictures. Instead, Berry appropriated Adams’ likeness,and tried to change it drastically on camera at the White House in 2015. This need to change Adams’ face when a model takes a semblance of it has been going on since Alexander was on the cover of Mademoiselle in 2001, said Adams, who is the same phenotype and body type as Alexander. Berry wanted to change the beauty and sexual appeal Tupac Shakur liked on Adams when he met her on the set of “Strictly Business” and because of that invited her on the set of “Juice.”

Ann Marie Adams at the White House in 2015. The photo was slightly distorted.

Since her first movie, Berry has been appropriating Adams’ likeness, not in all movies or all scenes, but enough times for Adams to be concerned when she saw a semblance of her face on screen.

“Berry just didn’t want to give up playing that character based on me in Strictly Business,” Adams said. “I had to wait years before someone gave Berry a reality check: The movie is based solely on me. So clearly this matter of collecting what I’m owed is strictly business.”

Sources said the scarilegious move by Berry and others was designed to disturb Adams and, of course, to gain financial success. Because Berry used Adams’ unique look, while she had others changed Adams’ perfect face and body with unorthodox methods, this was considered human rights abuse and economic oppression. According to Attorney Amal Clooney, the perpetrators of human rights abuse should face justice for thier crime.

Berry and her associates caused about $30 million in damages to Adams’ waist, breasts, perfect white teeth, legs, hands, eyes, and vocal chords to stop her from appearing on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2014.

The insanity was aided and abetted by several U.S. Secret Service agents, who the perpetrators enabled as they stealthily attacked Adams and her family during an investigation. Afterward, they were fired.

“It was also unadulterated xenophobia by people, who thought they would get away with this mess,” said Adams, who was born in Jamaica and is now a U.S. citizen. “Berry and associates were out of touch with reality and mired in avarices, a greed for wealth.”

Top Photo : Ann Marie Adams on the set of Strictly Business: Right Column: Halle Berry in 1992 movie “Bomerang”: Opposite Berry (bottom): Adams covering the White House in 2015 and Berry (bottom right) in the movie, 1998 “Bulworth” Berry invaded Adams’ privacy and appropriated Adams’ likeness for 30 years before Adams was informed about this crime of the century by a well-known celebrity billed as ” one of the world’s most beautiful women” with Adams’ face.

Berry Cops Adams’ Face

It’s an incredible story that unfolded over the last six years. The psychology of an ugly girl, who wanted to be pretty was on display, so much so President Vladimir Putin had to intervene when Berry visited Adams in her townhouse in January 2013 with unorthodox devices. Adams has a million dollar smile envied by Berry. And the “Monsters Ball” star wanted Adams to loose her teeth.

Sources close to the White House and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said they had to reveal the depth of the depravity used on Adams and her family to hide this farce by Berry and others, including Bill Cosby. As a result of this six-year investigation, they are calling for Adams’ face not to be used on the internet with the name Halle Berry to confuse the public. This lie by Berry and her associates violates the public trust, according to Avon Police Officer Jonathan Haynes, who first broke the news to Adams, who also made a complaint to two Avon police officers on April 3, 2014: Officers Mark Vess and John O’Neill. They failed, however, to take action to arrest the suspects.

In the past, the closest, Berry got to getting an exact replica of Adams’ face was in “Boomerang” released in 1992 and “Monster’s Ball” released in 2001. The screenwriters and producers of the show used Berry to remind Adams of a former boyfriend, who slept with her on a couch after she refused to sleep on the couch for a part in a movie.

“To me, Berry and her associates were sending a message about a particular incident when I was in show business. It was disturbing to see similar incidents in other movies that featured Berry,” Adams said.

Both movies also had scenes depicting an incident with Adams and Tupac in “Juice,” a different movie set about another club scene. The producers, writers and directors on that and other movie sets have some explaining to do, she said. However, Tupac was different.He was also hanging out on the set of Strictly Business. Later, he advocated for Adams to “stay in the scene” on his movie set. He later paid homage to Adams and her braids by having Janet Jackson wear braids in the movie: “Poetic Justice.”

Now it was time for poetic justice for Berry who continued a disturbing trend that includes Berry dating men, who look similar to at least five of Adams’ former boyfriends. But Berry didn’t date Tupac. Adams did. And so during the invetigation into why she stalked Adams, Berry dated someone who resembles Tupac.

More recently, Berry allegedly used local and national allies to assault Adams’ face and body with unorthodox methods. One link to this story is Marcy Carsey, the producers of “The Cosby Show” based in part on Adams’ family. Carsey is Jewish, and so is Berry’s mother, a likely pair that has been allegedly sabotaged Adams and her family to hide the truth.

Left: Ann-Marie Adams in 1992 looks the same today and discovered that Berry was still appropriating her likeness, biography and fashion style in 2019, especially during the filming and promotion of the John Wick 3, Parabella movie in 2019. This photo, and other photos, was slightly distorted with shadows by Berry’s associates

Before becoming an award-winning journalist and scholar, Adams was a trained model and actress in New York during the 1990s. To discredit her claim, Berry and allies distorted Adams’ pictures, stole pertinent documents, albums and flyers for years. The change was mostly to Adams’ color in photographs, especially when Adams was on WFSB Channel 3 as a commentator.

Adams has a Ph.D. with distinction in U.S. History from Howard University and a Master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Quinnipiac University. She graduated with honors from Brooklyn College with a degree in journalism. She also has a paralegal certificate from Boston College. Her varied experiences and deep knowledge of city, state and federal government, as well as government and politics was used without her permission during the six-year ordeal by several intruders close to Berry–just to get a sense of how Adams look so she can appropriate the face again, as well as to “steal” her education.

Why Halle Berry Was Fired From Strictly Business…Wasn’t Reported Until Now

Halle Berry in 1986 does not look like Adams. In 1989, Berry changed her face to look similar to Adams.

Consequently, Adams is seeking justice for the many attempts by Berry and her associates to distort her face in photographs and on television, while Berry appropriated her face in movies and other promotional events since 1990. The most recent invasion of privacy in Adams’ Avon townhouse in 2014 to confiscate wardrobe used on “Strictly Business” was too egregious, said Adams, who was wants reparation.

Berry switched from her shoulder-length hairstyle to a pixie similar to Adams

Girl Interrupted!

Adams, a former English Composition professor and tutor, was confused about the motive for this kind of treachery toward her:

“One of the rules in the English language is to avoid plagiarism, copying knowledge that doesn’t belong to you. Students should always give attribution. When you mistake copying a book to copying someone’s face, you must be sued. Sometimes, Berry appropriated my face and biography like a book and without attribution,” Adams said. “That’s sinful, sacrilegious and downright sad.”

In “Strictly Business,” almost everything depicted in the movie was encapsulated about Adams’ life in Hartford and Manhattan. She was clueless until she was alerted of this appropriation by one of her former bosses in New York after he spotted Adams’ face on Halle Berry in “John Wick 3, Parabellum.”

During her rehearsals for John Wick 3, Berry used her spy devices as a real life assassin and visited Adams in her townhouse with others to attack her. Some of those individuals included friends of Meghan Markle, who also appropriated the shape of Adam’s face and Adams’ nose. Markle’s friends allegedly teamed up with Berry to use unorthodox methods to “erase” Adams’ facial features in pictures.

Berry also, through her network, arranged to have an associate, a native of Ohio–like Berry–to move to Hartford. He and others allegedly have been secretly suppressing Adams as a journalist since 2019 because Adams called out Berry and her stealth tactics to cover up her crime.

Also, former Central Intelligence Agency operatives were allegedly using unknown devices for Berry to prevent Adams from knowing this information when Adams was an intern in former Sen. Edward Kennedy’s Education Office in 2009.

When contacted, Former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said he did not authorize any 10-year investigation into any intern then or now.

“I did not authorize any project with CIA agents to watch anyone in Kennedy’s office,” Panetta said.” [I] unequivocally did not order such an investigation during the time you stated nor for that matter any other time.”

And those perpetrating as CIA operatives “watching” the crime for 35 years, are considered cowards and criminals for aiding and abetting thieves in government offices, officials said.

“I’m glad they were fired,” Adams said. “They are traitors to the country. They caused an international fiasco that demands the world’s attention.”

Therefore, Adams said: “George Nelson, the directors, and producers have some explaining to do.”

Top Seventeen Scenes in “Strictly Business” that Depict Adams’ Life as an actress, model and club girl:

  1. Adams was a hostess “with the mostess” in Manhattan and Hartford.
  2. Adams was a trained method-actress and model, while she was a hostess.
  3. Adams was a club girl and was among the fly girls chauffeured in limousines to clubs like The Palladium.
  4. Adams was dating Wayne, a stockbroker and millionaire that was button-up. He thought Adams was the girl of his dreams; Waymon Tisdale played Adams’ friend.
  5. Adams had a romantic scene on the boardwalk in Manhattan with similar outfit. Almost all the scenes had similar outfits to Adams’
  6. Adams’ friend “Alfie,” who wanted to make it big, was played by Tommy Davidson.
  7. Adams was in an interlude with Tupac on the movie set of “Juice.” It was shown in the movie with another woman with Adams’ hairstyle. Tupac based the movie “Poetic Justice” on Adams who wore braids at Brooklyn College and sometimes looked like Janet Jackson in all black.
  8. Adams was on a special movie set of “Malcolm X” at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where another pivotal scene was shot.
  9. Adams was with three “bad boys” from Queens and Brooklyn.
  10. Adams’ exact outfits and style during her clubbing days was copied by Halle Berry and her handlers to make Berry “come off” like Adams did at clubs in NYC. Adams was asked to wear a wig and change her top and bootie for the special club scene in which Berry was asked to dance like Adams.
  11. The character, Waymon Tisdale, was shown sitting in a business office decorated like Adams’ office at Brooklyn College’s first newspaper, The Kingsman.
  12. Adams lived and worked in Harlem, where a crucial scene was shot.
  13. Monroe, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is like one of Adams’ former bosses
  14. Natalie was the name of Adams’ first best friend.
  15. Halle Berry mimicked Adams’ walk during a fashion shoot by New York Photographer, Clifton Brett. Berry wears similar outfits to Adams, especially in the club scene. Both Adams and Berry had identical looks after Berry appropriated Adams’ beauty pageant look.
  16. The bar scene with a bartender is also about Adams who worked a week as a bartender in training for T’Bones.
  17. The picture of the promotional poster on DVD is more like Adams than Berry, even the shape of the Adams’ bodice and all of her favorite outfits. Everyone of Adams’s outfits on the club scene were replicated.

“Nelson George, the directors and producers have some explaining to do. This is a another cease and desist message for all of them who lied to the America public and caused an international fiasco.”

Dr. Ann Marie Adams

See encapsulation of Adams’ experience below:

Photos courtesy of Clifton Brett, Warner Brothers Pictures, Boomerang, John Wick 3, Parabellum and the White House. Story as recapped to Ann Marie Adams by sources, who claim they were with the FBI. Additional editing and reporting by Dawn Sparks, Anthony Zepperi and Linden Houston. Other sources include Andre Harrell, State Department employees, and other government officials, including U.S. Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigations agents, who want to remain annonymous.

Available Soon: Read the copyright infringement lawsuit against Halle Berry on SCRIBD:

Ann Marie Adams v. Halle Marie Berry 

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Connecticut Cities, Nation, to Celebrate 9/11 Anniversary

HARTFORD — More than a dozen solemn ceremonies will be held across the nation on Wednesday to mark the 19th anniversary of September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center and their survivors. The list below is of anniversary events in the previous year. Check each city’s website to see the virtual offerings.

2020 marks the 19th anniversary of 9/11. In New York, ongoing focus remains on the new One World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, the tallest building in the Western hemisphere at 1,776 feet.

The single skyscraper replaces the iconic Twin Towers, destroyed on September 11, 2001 — marking the first ever attack on US soil.

Solemn ceremonies and events are planned every year to mark the day, considered one of the darkest in America’s history — on a par with the attack on Pearl Harbor.

View gallery of cover stories and photos here:
  • Bridgeport: Ceremony at Fire Department Headquarters on Congress Street at 8:30 a.m. (Moment of Silence is at 8:46 a.m.)
  • Groton: Naval Submarine Base New London commemoration, flag retirement ceremony at the Historic Ship Nautilus & Submarine Force Museum at 8:30 a.m.
  • Hartford: Moment of silence at Hartford Safety Complex at 9 a.m
  • Middletown: Memorial service at Middletown South Fire District on Randolph Road at 6 p.m.
  • Middletown: Ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park on Walnut Grove Road at 8:30 a.m.
  • Norwalk: Remembrance event at Norwalk City Hall at 8:30 a.m.
  • New Canaan: Annual 9/11 memorial ceremony in front of Town Hall on Main Street at 9:30 a.m.
  • New Haven: Knights of Columbus memorial roll call at Knights of Columbus Museum at 12:15 p.m.
  • New London: Churches, institutions of faith bell ringing at 8:46 a.m.
  • Rocky Hill: 9/11 wreath ceremony at the fire station on Old Main Street at 6:30 p.m.

The ceremonies are to remember the nearly 3,000 people who were killed when planes that were hijacked crashed into the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.

Additional reporting from

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