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President-elect Joe Biden Eyes Dr. Ann Marie Adams for U.S. Secretary of Education

By Nicole Zappone | Staff Writer

HARTFORD — President-elect Joe Biden is considering Dr. Ann Marie Adams for U.S. Secretary of Education, according to White House sources.

Dr. Adams is the only current teacher in the running. She’s been trusted by her teachers to teach thier classes since she was 10-years-old. She was an ESL teacher during undergraduate and graduate years. Now, she is a U.S. History Professor in the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system. She is also an English Composition and ESL tutor.

Biden and his campaign staff began vetting Adams, a gifted teacher, in July 2015 when she was a White House Correspodent, according to White House sources. They began early, sources said, because Adams was not a known educator or a staunch politician. And they wanted business-minded educators like her in the job pool, according to sources familiar with the process and from Sen. Kamala Harris’ camp.

Dr. Ann Marie Adams

Adams is a lifelong learner. As an educator, entreprenuer, and exemplar, she helped revised the No Child Left Behind reauthorization bill when she worked in the late Senator Edward Kennedy’s Education Office in 2008 and 2009.

Before that, Adams was a national award-winning education reporter for several news publications in Connecticut, New York and Washington, D.C. And she was an ESL and English Composition teacher before she became a U.S. History professor at Rutgers University.

She is currently an adjunct professor in the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system, while working as editor and publisher of The Hartford Guardian, the first hyper-local, non-profit, non-partisan news publication in New England and the tristate area.

“I’m excited about being selected to be a contender for the U.S. Secretary of Education,” Adams said. “

She also added that with her background in academia and business, as well as her local ties as an educator and journalist, this offer to serve puts her in a different and exciting category.

“I truly want to make a difference in the pre-K through 12 curriculum and restoring normalcy to schooling in America,” Adams said. “The world is watching to see how we lead during these uncertain and unprecedented times.”

As a White House Correspondent under former presidents George Bush and Barack Obama, Adams was a notable journalist and educator whose business acumen made her a star in the beltway when she was at Howard University. There, she collaborated with the President’s office at Howard University, the World Bank and the United Nations.

A spelling-bee champion, chess player and flawless writer, Adams impressed the Washington, D.C. elites and the Hartford community. Moreover, Adams has a deep knowledge of government and has solutions to intractable problems such as the achievement gap, locals said.

“Dr. Adams is an extraordinarily intelligent and brilliant person.  Her academic background is impressive.  She is extremely well credentialed,” said Connecticut Superior Court Judge Eric Coleman, a former state senator, who represented Bloomfield, Hartford and Windsor. Coleman has known Dr. Adams for about 20 years. “Her academic achievements are a reflection of her drive and determination as well as her ability.  She possesses very effective communication skills.  Also, she is an accomplished writer and speaker.”

Adams, Coleman said, is a strong candidate for the role of Education Secretary.

“In my considered opinion, Dr. Adams’ maturity and life experience combined with her natural talents, her intellectual curiosity, her discipline, her stamina and her capacity to work hard leave her well prepared to be extremely successful,” Coleman said.

Since 2004, Coleman and others in Hartford have also supported Dr. Adams as the editor and publisher of The Hartford Guardian, the first nonprofit, nonpartisan, hyperlocal news publication in New England and the tristate area.

As a veteran education reporter in Connecticut, New York and Washington, D.C., Dr. Adams lends a keen eye to education policy and practice. As a noted speaker, author and teacher, she has championed Black and Latino Studies since the 1990s to address structural inequality, including the achievement gap. In 2014, locals rally behind Dr. Adams’ belief and recently pushed a bill in the Connecticut General Assembly to make Black and Latino studies mandatory for the first time in Connecticut.

Others in the mix so far include Connecticut Education Commissioner Miguel A. Cardona, former dean emeritus of the Howard University School of Education Leslie T. Fenwick, and former president of the National Education Association from 2014 until this year: Lily Eskelsen García.

Cardona, Garcia and Fenwick’s rabid supporters, including former Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra and Sen. Chris Murphy, have been invading Adams’ privacy since 2014 to sabotage and maim her with unorthodox devices.

The experience has left Adams wondering whether other candidates were approached this way during the vetting process. That’s because the effort to sabotage included identity theft and fraud to discredit Adams as a strong candidate for Education Secretary.

So far, Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody, Assistant Police Chief Rafael Medina and Commissioner of the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection James Rovella have been notified about proper and adequate security for Adams until the Biden-Harris transition team selects finalists.

Additional reporting by Gordon Shirley.

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Donate Today and Support The Hartford Guardian

HARTFORD — It’s that time of the year when we celebrate another journey for The Hartford Guardian as the first nonprofit, nonpartisan, hyperlocal news publication in New England and the tristate area.

The Hartford Guardian was concieved in 2002 and founded in 2004. In 2005, the Internal Revenue Service granted the Connecticut Alliance for Better Communities, Inc dba The Hartford Guardian its 501 c 3 nonprofit status. Therefore, you can make a tax-deductible contribution where 100 percent of your donation can be deducted on your tax return.

In January 2014, someone attack our news publication and our editor-in-chief, Ann Marie Adams. They vandalized her home, and our office. They also stole smart phones, laptop computers, cameras, cash and other belongings. We were held by force by unknown assailants to prevent us from being productive for three consecutive years. Then the perpetrators assaulted our faces and bodies and told us not to write or speak about race in America.

The Hartford Guardian focuses on news and issues in Hartford and beyond.

If you haven’t had a chance to donate yet, please consider making a tax-deductible contribution today.

Support The Hartford Guardian and ensure we reach our #NewsMatch goal of $20, 000.

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The Hartford Guardian Staff

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The Hartford Guardian Debuts List of Top 20 Most Influential People in Greater Hartford

HARTFORD — It’s that time when we reflect on our journey throughout the year. And so we will document the tumult and continuities that shepherd us to the end of 2020.

Most of all, we would like to recognize the first competition Greater Hartford residents, community activists, journalists, pastors, business leaders, educators and others to be named among The Hartford Guardian‘s Top 20 Most Influential in the Greater Hartford area.

The list will recognize those individuals, who have given back to this area by way of thier time, money, and other crucial donations.

If you know someone, who has done great things for our community since January 2, 2020, please send the following information to

The selection criteria involves an interview with the Editor and Publisher Dr. Ann Marie Adams.

The Hartford Guardian‘s Top 20 is our annual list of the most influential Greater Hartford residents ages 25 to 65.

Deadline for all submissions is January 2, 2021.

1. Submit a headshot in color

2. A two-paragraph bio of 300 words or less explaining your community involvement

3. A Resume

4. Two Letter of References

5. Submit all materials in one PDF file to

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Hartford Locals Return McCrory to Legislature, Gave Victory to New Registrar

HARTFORD — Still waiting for polls to tallying the final count in Hartford but a few wins are clear.

Sen. Doug McCrory, D-Hartford on Tuesday ran unopposed for the senatorial seat in Greater Hartford. He got up to 871 votes in District 3 alone. Overall, the final victory count was 29, 064.

McCrory, who represents Bloomfield, Hartford and Windsor, managed to eliminate all the opposition in Greater Hartford, according to sources. y.

At closing, the Blue Hillls Avenue resident garnered enough votes in District 3 to be declared the winner. There was not even a write-in candidate.

One individual was posed as a challenger in 2014. A storm cloud rolled into her life after someone approached her to run. She wasn’t pumped to run. But McCory and his wife Foy Smith orchestrated a coup on her life using public office, sources said. Others joined in the fray for political reasons linked to nativism.

Although, the kerfuffle was tied to the national political scene,  locals dove into the woman’s life to make sure she did not challenge McCrory or Democratic State Rep. Brandon McGee, sources close to the woman said. Also, Sasha Allen, Shawnda Barlow, Tiffany Cousar, Janice Flemming, Annett Shack, and other local natives ensured McCrory’s victory by suppressing voters of West Indian descent.

In District 1, John Fonfara, D-Hartford at press time garnered 63 percent of the vote or 19,730.

Congressman John Larson was declared a winner in the 1st District in Greater Hartford

In other local races, Giselle “Gigi” Felciana ran as a Democrat for registrar of voters and garnered 24, 425 votes. Vaness Garay-Jackson ran as a Republican and cobbled 3, 040. Her challenger got 17 in District 3 alone.

The count on the presidential race in the capital city is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was 26, 597.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence got 3, 813 votes.

Check back for final vote counts.

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Naturalization Becoming Financially Prohibitive

By Dr Juan Andrade, Jr.

The Trump administration is not only fighting immigration at our border with Mexico, it’s trying to make it more expensive for immigrants who have met the legal requirements for citizenship to become citizens. 

How? The administration is proposing to raise the application fee by 82%, from $640 to $1,170! Studies have found that 32% of immigrants who are not yet citizens are living at 150% below the federal poverty level, and can ill afford this outrageous increase. 

Why? The official line is  “[t]he rule accounts for increased costs to adjudicate immigration benefit requests, detect and deter immigration fraud, and thoroughly vet applicants, petitioners and beneficiaries.” In short, BS.

Why else? The administration believes there are too many naturalized citizens already. What’s worse, it’s believed, naturalized citizens take their rights too seriously, especially the right to vote. A 2020 Pew study found a 93% increase in the number of naturalized citizens eligible to vote since 2000, comprising 10% of the electorate (23 million). Trump also knows that voter turnout among naturalized citizens runs 7% higher than that of native born citizens.

What’s worse, politically, is that 56% reside in the battleground states of California, New York, Texas, and Florida. That’s 12.8 million voters! These four states account for 151 of the 270 electoral votes needed to be elected president. 

Americans should see the outrageous increase in the naturalization application fee for what it is. It’s a blatant attempt to impose a poll tax on the right to vote. A federal judge has ruled against it, but it will soon be heard by one of Trump’s many appellate courts that could uphold this 21st century poll tax, contrary to the 24th Amendment. 

A new president, of course, could repeal the increase and take one more step toward restoring democracy for all Americans, native born and naturalized.

Dr Juan Andrade, Jr. is the 4th Latino in history to be honored by both a President of the United States and the Government of Mexico.

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One Million Lives Lost in the Covid-19 Pandemic

HARTFORDThe Hartford Editor and Publisher Ann Marie Adams thanks God, family and friends for blessing us with our lives to carry on during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We pray for world peace and health, our staff, our freelancers, our support staff and volunteers to endure this coronavirus epidemic that’s taking the lives of our loved ones. Therefore, we will resume publishing on Oct. 24, 2020.

We also call for a hearing to learn about the underlying theological causes of this recent phenomenon that affects all of us, not just some of us. We want all who are concerned about the current calamatiy to contact us at to discuss this sobering reality in these times.

Here’s a letter from the United Nations to address this sobering milestone in the pandemic.

Remarks by H.E. Mr. Volkan Bozkir,




Thank you for the opportunity to address today’s Ministerial Meeting.

I only wish we could be together, in the same room.

The loss of contact, however, is only one of the many casualties of the global pandemic, which this week hit the sobering mark of one million lives lost.

COVID-19 has shaken our world. In addition to the many who have suffered and suffer, many countries are now facing severe challenges to their economies and social systems. 

Even the finest of healthcare systems and social safety nets have been tried and tested by this pandemic. Where does this leave those who were already behind?

Unfortunately, as is so often the case, it is the most vulnerable that are hit hardest.

Middle-income countries are no exception and have the unique challenge of being caught somewhere in the middle – excuse the pun. They are both economic powerhouses and struggling with inequality; they are home to abundant resources and innovation, and yet must fight their way through global financial and economic systems that are not always designed in their favor.

MICs made remarkable progress against the Sustainable Development Goals. COVID-19, however, is setting back these gains.

In addition to health and well-being, the pandemic is exacerbating poverty, limiting economic growth, elevating debt levels, and limiting access to education, to name but a few.

Coupled with multidimensional poverty, vulnerability to shocks, and significant debt burdens, COVID has reinforced the prospect of a ‘middle-income trap’, exacerbating already formidable development challenges.

In this context, I encourage the IFIs to consider factors other than GDP per capita for assessing access to finance.

I am confident that we can seize this moment to convert crisis into opportunity; to accelerate progress on the SDGs throughout the Decade of Action; and to adopt innovative policies and strategies that properly and adequately address the needs of MICs.

I am confident that together, at the High-Level Meeting on Middle-Income Countries, which I am mandated to host during the session, you will present practical proposals to this effect.

Excellencies, there is no linear path to sustainable development – no one size fits all – we must endeavor to make flexible and adaptable the international systems and tools that support countries in their development goals. Particularly now, in their time of need.

I look forward to working with you on this and I thank you very much for having me in this meeting.

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Connecticut Journalist to Sue Halle Berry for Copyright Infringement, Media Suppression

Halle Marie Berry in a role soley based on Ann Marie Adams featured in the 1990 movie “Strictly Business.” Adams was a trained actress and a trained model, who worked as a club girl and a hostess in Manhattan and Brooklyn from 1989 to 1992. The photo was photoshopped to look like Adams. Berry, who was chubby before 1987, have been trying to cop Adams’ pretty face and slender physique since 1990, while her associates altered or distort Adams’ face with unknown devices in photographs and then stalked Adams. The photo itself does not match Berry’s actual face in the movie no is an exact replica.
Male actor: Joseph C. Phillips. Photo Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Updated November 12, 2020 at 12:22 p.m.

By Gordon Henry and Jasmine Sanborn, Staff Writers

HARTFORDThe Hartford Guardian‘s Publisher Ann Marie Adams is expected to sue Halle Marie Berry for loss of revenue because of media suppression, invasion of privacy, theft of services and copyright infringement.

Consequently, Adams was forced to alert people about this kind of media suppression that has been expertly done in secret for years by Berry and her associates. A clandestine operation to suppress local journalists, therefore, demanded attention from advocates for a strong democracy and a free press, Adams said.

This means Adams wants a divorce from Berry’s spirit that has been in her life for more than 35 years, as well as her associates who rendered injuries and financial loss to Adams and her family.

“Without Adams, there is no news publication called The Hartford Guardian. She founded an organization that employs dozens of local journalists, support staff and volunteers, who live in Hartford and surrounding areas. So this is not a personal issue. It is strictly business. It affects workers, who need a paycheck. If Berry and her friends disrupt Adams, they are also disrupting her business and her employees,” said David Williams, UConn-Greater Hartford Campus Director emeritus and a board member for The Hartford Guardian.

The recent attacks by Berry and her associates allegedly first happened on the 2010 presidential campaign and then at the White House inaugural ball in January 2013. Afterward, Adams, who now lives in Hartford, was stalked and attacked again in 2014 at her townhouse in Avon, CT. Adams was clueless about Berry’s unorthodox methods of appropriating her likeness and theft of services until President Barack Obama intervened on Adams’ behalf.

Adams, an award-winning journalist and historian, claimed that Berry, 53, has been invading her privacy and appropriating her likeness and biography since they were both selected for the 1991 movie “Strictly Business.” The use of Adams’ likeness is strategic in movies such as “Bulworth” and “Monster’s Ball.” All three films appropriated almost all of her biography at each given time period.

It’s a Caribbean-American look. More specifically, it’s Adams’ look and style, said Dr. Karren Dunkley, a Jamican Diaspora Northeast Representative. Berry was born with a different phenotype than Adams, who is light-skined and akin to the model, Karen Alexander, when she began modeling in 1990. Adams came to America three years before in 1987, before The Cosby Show spin off began in 1987 and ran until 1993. It was indeed a different world for Adams, not for the cast and characters in the television comedy series: “A Different World.”

“This was the beginning of intense racism and xenophobia in the country,” Williams said.

Adams was an immigrant from Jamaica in 1987, coming to America as a whiz kid in chess, a brilliant writer and spelling bee champion. Soon afterward, she was a trained method-actress and a trained model. She was featured in two scenes as Ann Marie Rose in the 1991 film, “Strictly Business.” In between takes, Berry approached the director to express her dissatisfaction about Adams presence in the movie because Adams was considered competition and prettier than Berry in New York. Also, Berry had slimmed down to look like Adams for the role that launched her career.

Above: Halle Berry before she entered the Miss Ohio pageant in 1986.

Moreover, Berry and her associates have frequently interrupted Adams’ career since Adams was editor-in-chief of The Kingsman, a newspaper at Brooklyn College. They continued to interrupt Adams, while she was at the Times Herald Record in New York and The Hartford Courant in CT, where she won a national award for first place in education reporting in 2001.

Ann Marie Adams was Ann Marie Rose in this club scene before Berry approached her on the set to express herself about Adams’ presence in the movie because Adams was competition during the 1990s acting and modeling scene in New York

And the disruption continued into 2014, Adams said. Berry and her associates, some of whom traveled to Connecticut, staged adverse experiences for six years, while Berry auditioned, rehearsed and promoted “John Wick 3, Parabellum.” The media suppression was primarily to thwart the news story about Berry’s invasion, according to Hollywood insiders, and to prevent Adams’ from promoting her accomplishments with her own facial features in pictures. Instead, Berry appropriated Adams’ likeness,and tried to change it drastically on camera at the White House in 2015. This need to change Adams’ face when a model takes a semblance of it has been going on since Alexander was on the cover of Mademoiselle in 2001, said Adams, who is the same phenotype and body type as Alexander. Berry wanted to change the beauty and sexual appeal Tupac Shakur liked on Adams when he met her on the set of “Strictly Business” and because of that invited her on the set of “Juice.”

Ann Marie Adams at the White House in 2015. The photo was slightly distorted.

Since her first movie, Berry has been appropriating Adams’ likeness, not in all movies or all scenes, but enough times for Adams to be concerned when she saw a semblance of her face on screen.

“Berry just didn’t want to give up playing that character based on me in Strictly Business,” Adams said. “I had to wait years before someone gave Berry a reality check: The movie is based solely on me. So clearly this matter of collecting what I’m owed is strictly business.”

Sources said the scarilegious move by Berry and others was designed to disturb Adams and, of course, to gain financial success. Because Berry used Adams’ unique look, while she had others changed Adams’ perfect face and body with unorthodox methods, this was considered human rights abuse and economic oppression. According to Attorney Amal Clooney, the perpetrators of human rights abuse should face justice for thier crime.

Berry and her associates caused about $30 million in damages to Adams’ waist, breasts, perfect white teeth, legs, hands, eyes, and vocal chords to stop her from appearing on NBC’s “The Voice” in 2014.

The insanity was aided and abetted by several U.S. Secret Service agents, who the perpetrators enabled as they stealthily attacked Adams and her family during an investigation. Afterward, they were fired.

“It was also unadulterated xenophobia by people, who thought they would get away with this mess,” said Adams, who was born in Jamaica and is now a U.S. citizen. “Berry and associates were out of touch with reality and mired in avarices, a greed for wealth.”

Top Photo : Ann Marie Adams on the set of Strictly Business: Right Column: Halle Berry in 1992 movie “Bomerang”: Opposite Berry (bottom): Adams covering the White House in 2015 and Berry (bottom right) in the movie, 1998 “Bulworth” Berry invaded Adams’ privacy and appropriated Adams’ likeness for 30 years before Adams was informed about this crime of the century by a well-known celebrity billed as ” one of the world’s most beautiful women” with Adams’ face.

Berry Cops Adams’ Face

It’s an incredible story that unfolded over the last six years. The psychology of an ugly girl, who wanted to be pretty was on display, so much so President Vladimir Putin had to intervene when Berry visited Adams in her townhouse in January 2013 with unorthodox devices. Adams has a million dollar smile envied by Berry. And the “Monsters Ball” star wanted Adams to loose her teeth.

Sources close to the White House and the Federal Bureau of Investigation said they had to reveal the depth of the depravity used on Adams and her family to hide this farce by Berry and others, including Bill Cosby. As a result of this six-year investigation, they are calling for Adams’ face not to be used on the internet with the name Halle Berry to confuse the public. This lie by Berry and her associates violates the public trust, according to Avon Police Officer Jonathan Haynes, who first broke the news to Adams, who also made a complaint to two Avon police officers on April 3, 2014: Officers Mark Vess and John O’Neill. They failed, however, to take action to arrest the suspects.

In the past, the closest, Berry got to getting an exact replica of Adams’ face was in “Boomerang” released in 1992 and “Monster’s Ball” released in 2001. The screenwriters and producers of the show used Berry to remind Adams of a former boyfriend, who slept with her on a couch after she refused to sleep on the couch for a part in a movie.

“To me, Berry and her associates were sending a message about a particular incident when I was in show business. It was disturbing to see similar incidents in other movies that featured Berry,” Adams said.

Both movies also had scenes depicting an incident with Adams and Tupac in “Juice,” a different movie set about another club scene. The producers, writers and directors on that and other movie sets have some explaining to do, she said. However, Tupac was different.He was also hanging out on the set of Strictly Business. Later, he advocated for Adams to “stay in the scene” on his movie set. He later paid homage to Adams and her braids by having Janet Jackson wear braids in the movie: “Poetic Justice.”

Now it was time for poetic justice for Berry who continued a disturbing trend that includes Berry dating men, who look similar to at least five of Adams’ former boyfriends. But Berry didn’t date Tupac. Adams did. And so during the invetigation into why she stalked Adams, Berry dated someone who resembles Tupac.

More recently, Berry allegedly used local and national allies to assault Adams’ face and body with unorthodox methods. One link to this story is Marcy Carsey, the producers of “The Cosby Show” based in part on Adams’ family. Carsey is Jewish, and so is Berry’s mother, a likely pair that has been allegedly sabotaged Adams and her family to hide the truth.

Left: Ann-Marie Adams in 1992 looks the same today and discovered that Berry was still appropriating her likeness, biography and fashion style in 2019, especially during the filming and promotion of the John Wick 3, Parabella movie in 2019. This photo, and other photos, was slightly distorted with shadows by Berry’s associates

Before becoming an award-winning journalist and scholar, Adams was a trained model and actress in New York during the 1990s. To discredit her claim, Berry and allies distorted Adams’ pictures, stole pertinent documents, albums and flyers for years. The change was mostly to Adams’ color in photographs, especially when Adams was on WFSB Channel 3 as a commentator.

Adams has a Ph.D. with distinction in U.S. History from Howard University and a Master’s degree in broadcast journalism from Quinnipiac University. She graduated with honors from Brooklyn College with a degree in journalism. She also has a paralegal certificate from Boston College. Her varied experiences and deep knowledge of city, state and federal government, as well as government and politics was used without her permission during the six-year ordeal by several intruders close to Berry–just to get a sense of how Adams look so she can appropriate the face again, as well as to “steal” her education.

Why Halle Berry Was Fired From Strictly Business…Wasn’t Reported Until Now

Halle Berry in 1986 does not look like Adams. In 1989, Berry changed her face to look similar to Adams.

Consequently, Adams is seeking justice for the many attempts by Berry and her associates to distort her face in photographs and on television, while Berry appropriated her face in movies and other promotional events since 1990. The most recent invasion of privacy in Adams’ Avon townhouse in 2014 to confiscate wardrobe used on “Strictly Business” was too egregious, said Adams, who was wants reparation.

Berry switched from her shoulder-length hairstyle to a pixie similar to Adams

Girl Interrupted!

Adams, a former English Composition professor and tutor, was confused about the motive for this kind of treachery toward her:

“One of the rules in the English language is to avoid plagiarism, copying knowledge that doesn’t belong to you. Students should always give attribution. When you mistake copying a book to copying someone’s face, you must be sued. Sometimes, Berry appropriated my face and biography like a book and without attribution,” Adams said. “That’s sinful, sacrilegious and downright sad.”

In “Strictly Business,” almost everything depicted in the movie was encapsulated about Adams’ life in Hartford and Manhattan. She was clueless until she was alerted of this appropriation by one of her former bosses in New York after he spotted Adams’ face on Halle Berry in “John Wick 3, Parabellum.”

During her rehearsals for John Wick 3, Berry used her spy devices as a real life assassin and visited Adams in her townhouse with others to attack her. Some of those individuals included friends of Meghan Markle, who also appropriated the shape of Adam’s face and Adams’ nose. Markle’s friends allegedly teamed up with Berry to use unorthodox methods to “erase” Adams’ facial features in pictures.

Berry also, through her network, arranged to have an associate, a native of Ohio–like Berry–to move to Hartford. He and others allegedly have been secretly suppressing Adams as a journalist since 2019 because Adams called out Berry and her stealth tactics to cover up her crime.

Also, former Central Intelligence Agency operatives were allegedly using unknown devices for Berry to prevent Adams from knowing this information when Adams was an intern in former Sen. Edward Kennedy’s Education Office in 2009.

When contacted, Former CIA Director and Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said he did not authorize any 10-year investigation into any intern then or now.

“I did not authorize any project with CIA agents to watch anyone in Kennedy’s office,” Panetta said.” [I] unequivocally did not order such an investigation during the time you stated nor for that matter any other time.”

And those perpetrating as CIA operatives “watching” the crime for 35 years, are considered cowards and criminals for aiding and abetting thieves in government offices, officials said.

“I’m glad they were fired,” Adams said. “They are traitors to the country. They caused an international fiasco that demands the world’s attention.”

Therefore, Adams said: “George Nelson, the directors, and producers have some explaining to do.”

Top Seventeen Scenes in “Strictly Business” that Depict Adams’ Life as an actress, model and club girl:

  1. Adams was a hostess “with the mostess” in Manhattan and Hartford.
  2. Adams was a trained method-actress and model, while she was a hostess.
  3. Adams was a club girl and was among the fly girls chauffeured in limousines to clubs like The Palladium.
  4. Adams was dating Wayne, a stockbroker and millionaire that was button-up. He thought Adams was the girl of his dreams; Waymon Tisdale played Adams’ friend.
  5. Adams had a romantic scene on the boardwalk in Manhattan with similar outfit. Almost all the scenes had similar outfits to Adams’
  6. Adams’ friend “Alfie,” who wanted to make it big, was played by Tommy Davidson.
  7. Adams was in an interlude with Tupac on the movie set of “Juice.” It was shown in the movie with another woman with Adams’ hairstyle. Tupac based the movie “Poetic Justice” on Adams who wore braids at Brooklyn College and sometimes looked like Janet Jackson in all black.
  8. Adams was on a special movie set of “Malcolm X” at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where another pivotal scene was shot.
  9. Adams was with three “bad boys” from Queens and Brooklyn.
  10. Adams’ exact outfits and style during her clubbing days was copied by Halle Berry and her handlers to make Berry “come off” like Adams did at clubs in NYC. Adams was asked to wear a wig and change her top and bootie for the special club scene in which Berry was asked to dance like Adams.
  11. The character, Waymon Tisdale, was shown sitting in a business office decorated like Adams’ office at Brooklyn College’s first newspaper, The Kingsman.
  12. Adams lived and worked in Harlem, where a crucial scene was shot.
  13. Monroe, played by Samuel L. Jackson, is like one of Adams’ former bosses
  14. Natalie was the name of Adams’ first best friend.
  15. Halle Berry mimicked Adams’ walk during a fashion shoot by New York Photographer, Clifton Brett. Berry wears similar outfits to Adams, especially in the club scene. Both Adams and Berry had identical looks after Berry appropriated Adams’ beauty pageant look.
  16. The bar scene with a bartender is also about Adams who worked a week as a bartender in training for T’Bones.
  17. The picture of the promotional poster on DVD is more like Adams than Berry, even the shape of the Adams’ bodice and all of her favorite outfits. Everyone of Adams’s outfits on the club scene were replicated.

“Nelson George, the directors and producers have some explaining to do. This is a another cease and desist message for all of them who lied to the America public and caused an international fiasco.”

Dr. Ann Marie Adams

See encapsulation of Adams’ experience below:

Photos courtesy of Clifton Brett, Warner Brothers Pictures, Boomerang, John Wick 3, Parabellum and the White House. Story as recapped to Ann Marie Adams by sources, who claim they were with the FBI. Additional editing and reporting by Dawn Sparks, Anthony Zepperi and Linden Houston. Other sources include Andre Harrell, State Department employees, and other government officials, including U.S. Secret Service and the Federal Bureau of Investigations agents, who want to remain annonymous.

Available Soon: Read the copyright infringement lawsuit against Halle Berry on SCRIBD:

Ann Marie Adams v. Halle Marie Berry 

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Bloomfield Residents Honor Chadwick Boseman, Black Panther Star

BLOOMFIELD – A celebration Tuesday featured a “Black Lives Matter“ mural being unveiled at the town hall with 15 local artists from Bloomfield and Greater Hartford, taking part in the festivities.

Thanks to a grant from the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

The 43-year-old “Black Panther” star Chadwick Boseman, who died tragically last Friday after a four-year secretive battle with colon cancer,  cast a positive and affirming light on all black men and women. The mural is a testament to that and his bravery.

This mural (above) outside of Bloomfield Town Hall is the first of three distinct, planned murals in the town which are financed by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

Like Boseman, the murals also honored other notable black men like John Lewis, a civil rights activist, who passed away in July at 80 and had key roles in the civil rights movement and its actions to end legalized racial segregation in the United States. It was also dedicated to the men and women who died by police violence.

With the help of a  $6,640 grant from the foundation, the town of Bloomfield will soon have three murals in the community. The first was shown during the celebration, a 360 degree “Black Lives Matter” mural outside of Bloomfield Town Hall.

The Town Hall Black Lives Matter mural project team is being led by Hartford artist Khaiim A.K.A Self Suffice and Stephen Richmond, owner of Painting with A Twist in Hartford.

The team includes educators Zazzarro Decarish and Sacha Kelly, muralists Michael Borders and Chris Gann as well as several well-known and newer artists including Aariyan Googe, Che’ La’Mora and Trae Brooks.

There were a wide variety of topics such as  “Black Women’s Lives Matter,” “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance,” black fatherhood as well as homages to slain men and women and Boseman’s strength and courage during his private battle.

Bloomfield Mayor Suzette DeBeatham-Brown said this example of art expresses strong support for black lives.

“The Black Lives Matter mural is a strong statement that we are standing in solidarity when injustice happens to Black and Brown lives,” DeBeatham-Brown said. “We don’t want to forget what has brought us to this moment as a community and these murals help to remind us of that commitment.”

One of the artists, LaMora, decided to honor Boseman in a unique and creative way.

“I already was going to paint my part as a king, but after the King of Wakanda died, it was only right to interpret that into my design,” LaMora said. “We’ve been mourning for three days as of now.”

Richmond said that the works of art serve as a representation of the horrors inflicted on black lives to help to bring awareness to the issue.

“Like all the Black Lives Matter murals prior to this one, this one serves as a silent protest and a reminder of suffrages of blacks in America and is a symbol of hope through the art displayed,” Richmond said.

The Hartford Foundation grant covers stipends for the stencilers, supervisors and artists, and the cost of supplies and gift cards for youth assisting on the project.

DeBeatham-Brown said that the murals have been criticized by the public.

“There are some people out there but that commentary speaks exactly to who they are,” DeBeatham-Brown said. “It was important to be able to vote on a movement that is going to speak to what side of history you want to be on.”

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Sen. Chris Murphy Moves to Hartford, Answers Question About Permanent Residence

By Marie Stewart, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — Sen. Christopher Murphy is moving to Hartford.

Sen. Murphy and his wife, Cathy Holahan, purchased a house at Charter Oak Place in Hartford for a comfy price of $355,000. The three-bedroom, three-bathroom Victorian-era house is 3,392 square-feet and is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. The contract was finalized in June.

Murphy grew up in Wethersfield and lived in Chesire for more than a decade. He attended Williams College in Massachusetts and graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Law. Afterward, he practiced real estate and banking law with the Hartford firm of Ruben, Johnson & Morgan.

Murphy put his Chesire home on the market in June 2019.

During the 2018 senatorial run, there was a question about where Murphy lived. His primary home was in Washington, D.C. and his children were attending school in DC.

However, Murphy claimed his parents summer house in Old Lyme as his home address while he ran for office in 2018. As the record stands, Murphy ran unopposed in the Democratic primary because someone fraudulently claimed a local journalist was a challenger. That was not the case. The journalist was a victim of media suppression; and her time was used to do so-called “social issues projects.”

Murphy’s team was allegedly the instigators who wanted to glean strategic information about the 2016 presidential election. The Washington Post reported that Murphy was contemplating a run for president in 2016.

Before Murphy was elected for the U.S. Senate in 2012, he served three terms in Connecticut’s Fifth Congreesional District for the U.S. House of Representatives.

He also served for eight years in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Currently, he is serving a second term as senator.

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Rep. Brandon McGee Hesitant to Declare Victory

By Susan Thomas, Contributor

HARTFORD — Hartford and Windsor residents in the fifth district now face a nail-biting vote-counting process in the tally of the votes in Tuesday Democratic primary.

Late Tuesday, Rep. Brandon McGee had a decisive lead over his challenger, Craig Stallings in the Democratic primary.

The tally for the vote was expected by Friday. But it might be next Monday because of a confluence of events that led to low voter turn out; the COVID-19 pandemic, and its aftermath of social distancing in an urban enclave.

Additional obstruction to Hartford seeing a high voter turn out is media suppression of ethnic journalists or ethnic publications in the capital city of Hartford, according to sources close of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Also, Gov. Lamont signeed an executive order late Monday limited the deadline–despite the carefully crafted obstructions, to accept absentee ballots postmarked by Aug. 11 and arrival of these ballots by Thursday Aug. 13.

In the 5th House District in Hartford and Windsor — incumbent state Rep. McGee held a commanding lead over challenger Craig Stallings with all but one polling location reporting, according to The Hartford Courant.

McGee was unwilling to declare victory because of the low in-person turnout and theuncertainty of the absentee ballot count, but said he appreciated all the hard work of his supporters.

“At the end of the day, I’m really excited and appreciative of the efforts,” McGee said. “I’m honored with the unofficial numbers to say thank you.”

By 9:30 p.m., Stallings conceded.

“This was always a uphill battle. … My purpose for running was to create a new conversation focused on accountability in our community,” he said.

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