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Republican Lawmakers Aim to Suspend Police Accountability Law

By Anthony Zepperi, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — The calls to curb crime in the capital city are only getting louder. Now, there’s a push from some Republican lawmakers to suspend the police accountability law.

Recently, Hartford police have seen an increase in gun violence during a time of the year when gun violence typically goes down. A recent rise in gun violence has the Hartford community coming together to figure out why this is happening and how to stop it.

Former Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra helped discovers the Biblical aspects of the recent spike in gun violence in the city and shares it with The Hartford Guardian before the COVID-19 pandemic and calls for a public discussion about the Hartford family being persecuted. Mayor Luke Bronin was made aware of the religous persecuted of Blacks in the city.

In a virtual town hall, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said they believe a number of factors are contributing to this spike, including the pandemic, loss of jobs and delays in court proceedings.

In response to this increase in crime, not only in Hartford, but across the state, two Republican legislative leaders are calling on Gov. Ned Lamont to suspend the state’s new police accountability law. These Republican lawmakers are hoping this will help.

“A lot of those portions of the bill negatively affect police officers. So, they’re not being as proactive and police officers who are younger are leaving the force because they think it’s a liability to themselves, to their families,” Sen. Len Fasano, of North Haven said.

Sen. Len Fasano says this law, which was designed to hold police more accountable, is tying the hands of officers as well as worsening recruitment and retention. Sen. Fasano hopes the governor will take action, putting it “on hold” until February when the legislature will be in session.

“This is up to Gov. Lam ont to step forward as a leader and say, I get it. I see it. I need to put a postponement on this bill.”

He says by doing so, it will give the legislature time to revisit the law and make changes early next year.

“We can get there, but perhaps in a more thoughtful way to keep people protected while we achieve the end goal, which is accountability,” Sen. Len Fasano said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bronin says they’re using every partnership and tool they can to combat this.

One way they’re doing that is by bringing in members of Connecticut state police to work alongside Hartford police.

Lt. Paul Cicero of Hartford says whether or not this police bill is suspended, Hartford police remain committed to protecting and serving the community.

Also a factor to consider in this compounded malaise in the city is that police officers are secretly inflicting racial violence on the family that inspired “The Cosby Show,” according to a Hollywood insider based in California. The family members are God-fearing people.  And the off-duty police officers were supposedly moonlighting for a Hollywood studio, sources said.

Because of the depth of the evil brought to the family, God is taking revenge, one lay pastor said. And after six years of watching this atrocious crime kept in secret by Bronin, Lt. Jason Thody, former Police Chief James Rovella and other locals, the celebrity source decided to approach The Hartford Guardian.

The Biblical aspect of the sudden and dramatic spike in the number of shootings in the capital city–and the nation–has been watched and confirmed to be linked to the mistreatment of that family since or before 2014, sources said. So was the COVID-19 pandemic to some degree after the father was allegedly killed in a local hospital.

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