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Luke Bronin Wins, Council Loses Two

By Hartford Staff

HARTFORD — No surprise here in Hartford. In an overwhelmingly Democratic city, the incumbent Mayor of Hartford Luke Bronin on Tuesday captured 77 percent of the votes in the 2019 mayoral election.

Despite his secured nomination as a favorite of the Democratic Town Committee Chairman Marc DiBella, Bronin campaigned hard, rolling out yard signs, mailers to apartments and houses, and working with social media and television ads.

Bronin gave his victory speech and thanked the other candidates for jumping into the race. This, he said, made the city stronger and put it on the path to financial success.

“We’ve come a long way but we’ve got a lot more work to do. I promise that I will work my heart out every day for our city,” Bronin said in an email soon after the polls closed.

Longtime city council member rJo Winch received a paltry 1.28 percent or 583 votes. And John Gale, also a long-term council member, received an unexpectedly low number of votes with just 3.56 percent or 1,625 votes.

rJo posted on Facebook that she will be using her time now to write two novels and volunteer with the Kiwanis of Hartford Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

“So thankful to everyone who came out and exercised their right to vote…. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to serve Hartford for 12 years,” Winch said.

The treasurer Adam Cloud was unchallenged and won 100 percent of the vote.

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin got 30 percent of the total number of votes cast in the previous mayoral race. This year, he received 77 percent. Many residents felt they settled for the status quo.

“People all over the city have been telling me that they feel like their vote doesn’t matter, that things will just keep going, with or without them, ” said Joshua Michtom. “Making sure city council has a strong, unified, activist minority voice is the first step to changing that.”

MAYOR ( Click here for full race results )
Democratic Party Luke Bronin 7,582 (76.53%)
Republican Party James Stanley McCauley 839 (8.47%)
Petitioning Candidate W. Michael Downes 34 (0.34%)
Petitioning Candidate Giselle Gigi Jacobs 143 (1.44%)
Petitioning Candidate Aaron Lewis 57 (0.58%)
Petitioning Candidate Eddie A. Perez 1,218 (12.29%)
Write In Tylon R. Butler 34 (0.34%)

Democratic Party Thomas TJ Clarke, II 5,510 (12.06%)
Democratic Party Nick Lebron 5,918 (12.95%)
Democratic Party Maly D. Rosado 5,649 (12.36%)
Democratic Party Marilyn E. Rossetti 6,293 (13.77%)
Democratic Party Shirley Surgeon 6,245 (13.67%)
Democratic Party James B. Sanchez 5,899 (12.91%)
Republican Party Theodore T. Cannon 700 (1.53%)
Republican Party Gary Bazzano 1,023 (2.24%)
Working Families Party Wildaliz Bermudez 2,178 (4.77%)
Working Families Party Moise Laurent 1,303 (2.85%)
Working Families Party Joshua Michtom 1,350 (2.95%)
Green Party Mary L. Sanders 488 (1.07%)
Second Chance Party Corey J. Brinson 508 (1.11%)
The Hartford Party John Q. Gale 1,625 (3.56%)
Petitioning Candidate RJO Winch 583 (1.28%)
Petitioning Candidate Suzann L. Beckett 421 (0.92%)

Democratic Party Adam M. Cloud 6,435 (100.00%)

Democratic Party Ellen S. Nurse 5,564 23.31%
Democratic Party Mamie M. Bell 5,511 (23.09%)
Democratic Party Radames V. Vazquez 5,449 (22.83%)
Democratic Party Ronnie E. Walker 5,526 (23.15%)
Republican Party Randy Correa 939 (3.93%)
Republican Party Ronald J. Perone 881 (3.69%)

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