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A Fall Message: To Our Readers and Supporters

The crisp, autumnal breeze in 2004 did more than stir colorful leaves on our city’s streets. The gentle wind ushered in a revolutionary concept onto Hartford’s media-filled landscape: The Hartford Guardian.

Sixteen years ago, the Connecticut Alliance for Better Communities, a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization, gave birth to The Hartford Guardian to fulfill a mission: report and write relevant news and deliver pithy, in-depth analyses on issues that impact Hartford’s neighborhoods. Also, The Hartford Guardian set out to unify neighboring factions by sharing quality and in-depth news from each of the city’s 17 neighborhoods with one goal: Hartford will truly be one city, one people.

It was a lofty goal then. It’s a lofty goal now. But we believe this goal can be achieved if we approach it in the right way with the right people.

Today, I’m proud to say we are on our way to fulfilling our mission. We have found new friends, who believe in our mission and have pledged to support it. We have covered local, state and federal governments, as well as social issues that impact not just Hartford but the state and the nation. This approach gives us hope. That’s because we have proven to be a small news publication with big impact.

It wasn’t easy, though. At times, we almost faltered. News of The Hartford Guardian, a new paper in an already newspaper-filled town, was greeted with skepticism. But that was soon drowned out by an overwhelming show of appreciation. Subscriptions increased and readers flooded our inboxes with encouraging words.

Small Paper, Big Impact

My staff and I sincerely thank our readers, who have supported us over the years. I’m proud that you enjoy our print publication and our online news site.

The recipe for our existence is quite simple: your support from subscriptions, monetary donations, and voluntary service. So we ask our readers who support The Hartford Guardian to go to our website at and subscribe to our newsfeed, give a tax-deductible contribution, or volunteer your professional services.

In the meanwhile, keep enjoying or four-day a week postings online. And look for us in spring 2020 with a new face and a revived passion for our mission.

Take care.

Ann-Marie Adams, Ph.D., President & CEO

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