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Weaver High School Reopens

By Rose Henry, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — It’s official.

Weaver High School will reopen on Tuesday. Thanks to a $133 million renovation effort to reestablish a familiar institution in the city’s North End.

The new top-tier facility will hold 900 students and include three academies: the Journalism and Media Academy, High School Inc, and the Richard J. Kinsella Performing Arts High School.

An artist rendering of the new top-tier Weaver High School, which opened on Thursday.

The academic portions of the four-story school were finished in time on Thursday for teachers and the staff arrived to prepare for the first day of school.  More renovations are slated to be done in 2020, three years after construction began in 2017.

The state-of-the-art facility offers many amenities including a black box theater, storage space and a renovated radio station.

The mission behind renovating the existing campus was to “promote a new psychology and emphasize the idea of a new start.”

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