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Hartford Mayor Confirms ICE Officials not in City

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin wants residents to know that the city was not used as a checkpoint for an Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation.

Hartford Police “have confirmed that this was not an ICE checkpoint,” Bronin tweeted Monday night.

Folks, please share this too: @HartfordPolice have confirmed that this was *not* an ICE checkpoint. DHS and the CT State Police were conducting a routine explosives check at the train station, as they often do at major public transit locations.— Luke Bronin (@MayorBronin) July 9, 2019

The Hartford Police tweet Bronin commented on was deleted. The Department of Homeland Security and the Connecticut State Police “were conducting a routine explosives check,” the mayor said.

And the Hartford Police confirmed that it was NOT ICE, and “was in fact a routine state and federal explosive check.”

On Monday afternoon, city residents had fears that ICE officials were conducting a checkpoint at Union Station. The rumor spread on social media, especially Facebook, saying “There is an ICE Checkpoint at the Hartford CT Train Station.”

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