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Study: Hartford Ranks High Among Millennials As Best Place to Live

HARTFORD — Millennials like Hartford.

That’s according to a new study by real estate search portal, which ranked the top 50 US metropolitan areas to live for Millennials (ages 20 to 34), Generation X (35-54), and Baby Boomers (55 to 74).

Hartford was ranked as the eight best city to live in after Orlando, Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Boston and Washington, D.C., respectively. Hartford beat St. Louis, providence and Seattle, according to the study.

The ranking came after averaging scores on Millennial share of the local population, entry-level jobs available per 100,000 people among other factors.

Hartford’s top 10 Millennial ranking was driven by the fact that there were more than 5,500 entry-level jobs available per 100,000 residents.

For Generation Xers, the city ranked 21. And it was based on factors such as school quality, generation population share and management jobs per 100,000.

For Babyboomers, the city ranked 18. The rank came after factoring share of local population, healthcare availability and retiree tax-friendliness.

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