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Hartford Council Approves Election Inquiry Committee

By Ann Marie Mesquita, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — Hartford residents are looking for an explanation about the delay at polling places in last week’s midterm election.

That’s why in a unanimous vote, the Hartford Court of Common Council on Wednesday approved two measures aimed at finding out why there was a 90-minute delay.

“Everyone wants to get to the bottom of this,” said Council Chair Shawn Wooden.

The first measure will allow a committee of inquiry to look into why the registrars failed to get voter lists to several polling places. The first meeting is scheduled for Friday at 4; 30 p.m. at city hall.

The second measure will look at the way the registrars’ office operates and recommend changes. This will looked at by the council’s operations, management, budget and legislative affairs committee.

Alexander Aponte will chair the committee, which includes Council members Cynthia a Jennings, Raul DeJesus and David McDonald. Council member Shawn Wooden will participate as a nonvoting member.

Mayor Pedro Segarra issued a statement to the press, saying: “I want to get to the bottom of what happened on Election Day, but more importantly make whatever changes are necessary to ensure voters can cast their ballot when they are supposed to.”

The committee will use its subpoena power to get documents and force registrars to testify about what happened on Nov. 4.

The committee is expected to finish its work by Dec. 31.

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