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10 Hartford Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate

By Erika Zane,

1. In Hartford, UConn Is Not A College–It’s A Lifestyle Choice…

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Everyone knows that UConn students dominate Hartford-it’s the closest city to UConn’s main campus in Storrs and also is home to UConn Hartford, UConn Business School, and UConn Law school. Plus, the UConn Huskies men’s and women’s basketball teams regularly play games at the Hartford XL Center. Basically, Hartford is UConn country, so don’t be alarmed when you hear a random person in the street yelling: “UCONN,” followed immediately by someone screaming back, “HUSKIES”.

2. Hartfordites Are Drunk, Rowdy, And Often Embarrassing Frat Boys…

Hartford Stereotypes

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Despite what you may have heard, UConn Spring Weekend is still a thing–there’s just no stopping it. Instead of taking place on the Storrs Campus, however, the party has moved 20 minutes South to Hartford. And Hartfordites (a.k.a The UConn students who overtake Hartford) know how to party.

Sometimes we’re even a bit too rowdy for our own good. And I’m not the first to say it: Dave Chappelle actually condemned the city of Hartford after having to walk off stage during a comedy routine at Hartford’s Comcast Center. The drunk, rowdy crowd just couldn’t keep it together long enough to actually hear the show. Yeah. Not our finest moment, people.

3. Or They’re Geeky Number Crunchers

Hartford Stereotypes


If you live in Hartford and you’re not a rowdy UConn student, you’re probably an actuary. Hartford is the insurance capital of the world, and this stereotype defines the city. Driving through Hartford, you’re overwhelmed by the skyline of insurance buildings. Practically everyone and their mother works for an insurance company-Aetna, United, Travelers.

Basically, in Hartford, no one’s afraid to jump off a roof because they’re all 1) skilled enough in probability to know whether or not they will die from the jump and/or 2) They are covered under extremely extensive health/life/car/any-other-insurable-thing-you-can-think-of insurance plans so they simply do not care.

4. Hardfordites Never Miss A Chance To Demonstrate Their Right To Assemble

Hartford Stereotypes

Source: Flickr user ragesoss

Hartford is nicknamed the “Heartbeat” for a reason: the people of Hartford run Connecticut politically and have put on some of the largest political demonstrations in the state. It is the state capitol, after all, so the city attracts a lot of activists, hippies, politicians, and others who will not be silenced!

5. Hardfordites Like Totally Crush On Obama <3 <3 <3

Hartford Stereotypes

According to, 95 percent of people voted for President Obama on the 2012 presidential election in Hartford. Yes, you read that correctly: 95 percent. That’s a lot of Hartford citizens voting democrat! And it definitely influences the culture of Hartford: Obama paraphernalia is pretty much everywhere you look. So if you lean right, perhaps Hartford isn’t the place for you.

6. Hardfordites Ride Or Die For The Red Sox

Hartford Stereotypes

Source: Flickr user Mike Licht,

Connecticut is known for being filled with pinstriped wearing, Jeter loving, straight-up diehard Yankee fans. However, while the Yankees may have the allegiance of Connecticut as a whole, the Red Sox have won the hearts of Hartfordites. A higher percentage of Red Sox fans live in Hartford compared to other Connecticut cities, making the state capitol a safe-haven for Boston fans.

7. Hardfordites Are Still In Mourning Over The Hartford Whalers

Hartford Stereotypes


Everyone remembers going to see the Hartford Whalers as a kid-it was epic. And now they’re gone. And none of us can let it go. Sigh. The Hartford Whalers used to be an NHL team based in Hartford (and CT’s only professional sports team), but they left the state several years ago. People have petitioned and rallied and started FB pages called, “Bring back the Whalers”-but, to no avail. Most cities would let it go. But Hardford never will. I guess that makes them Hartford …. OK, moving on.

8. Hardfordites Live On A Steady And Oh-So-Tasty Diet Of Paella And Pasteles

Hartford Stereotypes

Source: Flickr user bluepoppy6

Approximately 44 percent of Hartfordites are Puerto Rican, making Hartford the city with the second largest Puerto Rican population in the Northeast. The culture of Hartford is definitely influenced by Puerto Rican food, music, and dance. So if you don’t like paella and pasteles, you should probably move.

9. Hardfordites Are Your Worst Nightmare Behind The Wheel

Hartford Stereotypes

Driving through Hartford is every Connecticut resident’s worst fear. It has been theorized that, when designing I-84 through Hartford, the city management wanted it to closely resemble hell. Not an exaggeration. And, let’s be honest with ourselves, Hartford has some crazy drivers. Because the state is sandwiched between New York and Massachusetts, we really are a mixture of the worst of both stereotypical drivers. They drive 60 mph in the left lane and Will. Not. Let. You. Pass. But they also will not hesitate to run you over–“pedestrian right of way”? Pssh, ain’t nobody got time for that.

10. Hartford Is Tougher Than Any Other Connecticut City–If You Have A Problem With It, We Can Take It Outside

Hartford Stereotypes

Source: Flickr user Ninja M.

Hartford is full of people who don’t take “no” for an answer, who will stand up for their beliefs at all cost, and who won’t put up with any crap. While it’s true that CT is the wealthiest state in the country, it’s important to note that not everyone is rolling in dough here. Connecticut has immense economic diversity with many of its residents living below the poverty line, particularly in the big cities, and Hartford is no exception to this.

This hasn’t brought the city down: we’ve withstood a lot of hardship, and we pride ourselves as a “come-up” city. We are the heartbeat of Connecticut, after all–the UConn-yelling, statistics-analyzing, Obama-lovin’, Paella-eating, butt-kicking, heartbeat.

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