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Governor’s House Opens for Trick or Treat

HARTFORD — On Thursday, Gov. Malloy and First Lady Cathy Malloy opened the Governor’s Residence to trick-or-treaters in celebration of Halloween.

Three-year-old Wayne Junior from West Hartford ventured inside the gate with his bag slugged over his shoulders. He collected a Munson Milk Chocolate bar from the governor’s wife, Cathy, and a big hug.

Photo: THG

Photo: THG



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Labor Dept to Hold Career Workshops

HARTFORD — Connecticut Department of Labor is inviting residents to stop by in person or online to check out the many employment services offered by the agency during November, which has been officially designated as “National Career Month.”

The agency has Career Centers throughout the state where individuals can obtain such services as career counseling, résumé writing assistance, skills assessment and job search tips, and can also take part in a variety of workshops ranging from successful interview tactics to computer skills.

Officials said that the unemployed seeking a new job, or the employed looking for a better position or thinking about making a career change, can visit a job center or by visiting our website at

The help is for  newcomers to the job market or seasoned employees already working in their field of choice.  Services are free, including recruitment events, job fairs and labor market statistics, as well as programs for employers such as tax credits and incentive programs and recruitment assistance.

Workshops offered in November at the various Job Centers include:

  • Bridgeport: Get Connected With LinkedIn on Nov. 4; Résumé Critique on Nov. 8; GED Orientation on Nov. 19; Exploring Technical Careers on Nov. 21.
  • Hamden: Social Networking on Nov. 4; Successful Job Search Strategies on Nov. 8; Résumé Basics on Nov. 22; Internet Job Search on Nov. 25.
  • New London: Putting Service into Customer Service on Nov. 1; Step Up for Vets on Nov. 8; Career Development Exploration Day on Nov. 13;Job Search Strategies on Nov. 27.
  • Waterbury:  Résumé Basics on Nov. 1; Stress Management Strategies on Nov. 13, Networking Group on Nov.14; Interviewing Techniques on Nov. 22.


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Fake ACA Websites Target Consumers for Identity Theft

By New America Media

Computer hackers are creating phony Affordable Care Act (ACA) websites and are asking for consumers’ personal information, such as social security and bank account numbers. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers to never give out personal information on the Internet before confirming that the website is run by the government.”Since the Affordable Care Act is still new and confusing to some consumers, it is hard for consumers to distinguish reliable versus bogus websites,” says Steve J. Bernas, president & CEO of Better Business Bureau serving Chicago and Northern Illinois. “It is important to only trust official legitimate government websites.”

Bernas noted that it is tricky to distinguish fake ACA websites from legitimate sites, because in addition to the ACA’s official website, there are legitimate sites run by individual states.

“Over 50 million consumers will be eligible for insurance covered by the Affordable Care Act according to government information,” he said. “With this huge number, scammers see opportunities. Consumers need to be even more careful to protect their personal information.”

The BBB recommends the following these tips to avoid fake Affordable Care Act websites:

* Don’t use a Google search for help. Go to the government’s official website instead, which can lead you to websites owned by individual state governments. The official website is

* Ignore unsolicited phone calls or emails.If a government official calls or emails asking for your information, don’t respond to the email or hang up the phone. The government never solicits consumers for personal information.

* Check for a digital certificate. This is the website’s way of proving it is an official ACA website and won’t steal your personal information.

For more tips and information about scams, visit 

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Hartford Seeks Input on City Parking

HARTFORD —  The Hartford Parking Authority  has initiated a City-wide survey inviting residents to voice their concerns about how to the city can implement more resident-friendly approaches to the City’s parking rules.

ParkingThe survey ends on Oct. 31.

At a recent board meeting, the Parking Authority fielded a range of concerns, including the lack of legal parking spaces near the Bedford St. “Y.”
Following the meeting, several residents wanted to know why the street nearest the “Y” was designated as a “no parking” area.
Within a day, a reply came from Deputy Police Chief Emory Hightower acknowledging the concern and promising to change the policy.

HPA officials said they are hoping to hear from more residents about other parking concerns from residents. City residents can visit online survey  to provide input regarding parking policies in need of review.

Residents can access the survey online at
–and those without ready access to the web can fill it out on paper.

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Senator Ted Cruz the Hispanic Candidate for President?

By Patrick Osio, OP-ED

Senator Ted Cruz has become the darling of the Tea Party and other extreme right Republicans. He is seen as their potential presidential candidate. He is a superb orator and the big plus – he’s Hispanic. One needs to put a pan below the chin of the right wing members to catch the drool.

They now know that in order to win the White House their candidate must take between 35 to 40 percent of the Hispanic vote. So having a candidate that not only thinks like they, is a great orator, with leadership qualities, and also Hispanic they feel is a winning combination.

Patrick Osio

Patrick Osio

If right wingers don’t know it, surely Ted Cruz does. Hispanic is a generic description for the various descendants of numerous Spanish speaking countries in the Western Hemisphere. Cruz happens to belong to one such group – Cuban-American.

According to Pew Research Center Cubans in the U.S. number 1.9 million; Central-Americans 4.3 million and the Gorilla, Mexican-Americans 33.5 million.

So the question is: Can Cuban-American Cruz appeal to the other groups; in particular to Mexican-Americans and Central-Americans? Without a significant number of their votes, Cruz would not be the next White House occupant.

the-hartford-guardian-OpinionHow is Cruz going to explain to them why he brought the nation to the brink of economic disaster shutting down the government in a zealots attempt to rescind Obamacare needed by over 11 million Hispanics without health insurance? And while at it, how will he explain to the thousands of small business that were placed on hold by major clients due to the uncertainty he created?

How will he reconcile his belief that there is need for immigration reform, but not until the border is secure? What is his idea of secure? Not one person entering? Does this include drug traffickers? How are they attached to immigration reform? And why is only the Mexican border singled out?

How will he explain his opposition to the Dream Act that allows youngsters brought in childhood illegally to the U.S. to seek higher educations?

How will he be able to say that his family’s immigration experience is akin to theirs? Cruz’s own father was granted immediate entry not once, but twice. Cubans received favored treatment on arrival to the U.S. being granted immediate sanctuary, placed on a fast track for permanent residency and a path to citizenship. And how will he explain that on a boat full of Cuban, Dominican and Haitian refugees only Cubans were given sanctuary on arrival to the U.S., the others returned to their country and waiting arms of the dictatorships in those days?

How will he explain his silence when elected and non elected members of his own party speak so disdainfully of his fellow Hispanics? How will he explain his silence when several states pass draconian laws singling out Mexicans for enforcement?

Maybe Senator Cruz is not aware that there is tremendous discontent in the Mexican-American community towards the Republican Party, which does nothing to rectify the relationship. A considerable number of votes cast during the last presidential election were against the Republicans with Obama the beneficiary.

All ethnic groups within the Hispanic community want better education for their children and themselves, more economic opportunities, more available jobs, health care coverage – note Senator these are mostly the same issues as all Americans.

Most Americans, including the majority of Hispanics, are not in favor of illegal immigration or open borders as many of your colleagues claim. As you and your colleagues claim favoring legal immigration, so do Hispanics. They want an orderly process that U.S. businesses can comply with and be of benefit to our economy. But you’re stuck with simple sound bytes to please your patrons instead of working on immigration reform.

Be aware Senator that you have a tough road with the greatest number of “Hispanics” that speaking Spanish will not overcome. Don’t worry about Senator Rubio, he’ll have to face the same scrutiny as you if he beats you out of the nomination.

Patrick Osio, is the Editor of HispanicVista. He can be contacted at

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Hartford Police Seek Downtown Robbery Suspect

HARTFORD — Police is seeking help in finding a robbery suspect who stole $5,200 from Sovereign Bank on Asylum Street.

Police described the suspect as a white male who on Oct. 25 at 2:00 p.m. entered  Sovereign/Santander Bank  at 115 Asylum St at the corner of Trumbull Street in Hartford.  The suspect approached the counter and ” verbally implied to the teller that he had a gun and demanded money.”

The teller handed over $5, 200.00 in cash, and the suspect walked out and headed east on Asylum Street on foot, police said.

Hartford Police gave this description of the suspect clothing: black knit hat, a green army fatigued jacket, blue jeans and black foot wear.

The suspect is about 6 ft tall, 185 lbs., and is missing several of his bottom teeth, police said.

HPD Major Crimes Detectives are actively investigating and pursuing leads and asks that anyone with information please contact Detective Omayra Martinez-Baidy at 860-757-4251 or

white male

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New Apartments for Hartford’s Historic Colt Building

HARTFORD — Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra recently signed a contract to finalize $5 million in bond funds for 79 new apartments in the historic Colt Gateway.

Officials said the new apartments, slated for completion in October 2014, will offer unobstructed views of the City, Colt Park and the Connecticut River.

The Colt Gateway, commonly referred to as “Coltsville,” was the home of Samuel and Elizabeth and the site of the Colt Factory where the nation’s first revolver was manufactured. It is now a mixed-use complex that includes apartments, businesses and educational institutions.

“This is a defining investment for the Capital City,” Segarra said. “Coltsville is Hartford’s biggest landmark and one of the most significant in the State.  Its success serves as an anchor for Hartford’s future development. Adding these 79 units will make Coltsville financially viable to investors and attractive to tenants. This is another critical step forward for our City.”

Since last year Coltsville has added two new tenants; Foley Carrier Services who relocated from Glastonbury and Café Colt opened by celebrity restaurant owner Chef Harry. CREC Schools, the largest existing tenant, also expanded their facilities this year.

Coltsville was named a National Historic Landmark in 2008, an initiative spearheaded by Congressman John B. Larson. The State’s congressional delegation is currently promoting a bill that would designate the complex as a National Historic Park. Recently, Mayor Segarra joined Congressman Larson in Washington D.C. to testify before Congress in favor of the bill.


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Freedom Rider Lula Mae White Comes to Hartford Public Library

By Ann-Marie Adams, Staff Writer

Lula Mae White. You may not know her name because she was never catapulted into fame like Martin Luther King, Jr. or other heroic figures in the popular history about the Civil Rights Movement. But know this. Lula Mae White was a Freedom Rider.

And White lives in Connecticut.

This is a story about an ordinary woman, who participated in an extraordinary event during the summer of 1961. She joined more than 400 Americans who challenged the status quo that sanctioned racially segregated bus and train stations. It was a time when black and white citizens resolved to not “cooperate with segregation laws anymore.”

“I never felt more empowered than the day I walked into the white waiting room and Captain Jake arrested me,” White said about that hot Sunday afternoon.  She was the first of nine riders to step off the Trailways bus in Mississippi on July 9, 1961.

“It felt like a burden lifted off my shoulder. Even though I was arrested and jailed, I felt free.”

Lula Mae White, 74, was a Freedom Rider.

Lula Mae White, 74, was a Freedom Rider.

On Tuesday, Oct. 29, at the Hartford Public Library, White will give a first-hand account of her journey from Hillhouse High School in New Haven to the University of Chicago, and then to Mississippi, where at 22 years old she was arrested for breach of peace and taken to Mississippi State Penitentiary, also known as Parchman Farm,  a maximum-security prison. The screening of the documentary, Freedom Riders, will begin promptly at 4:30 p.m. and end at 6:15 p.m. The conversation and Q & A with White is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m.

After the screening, sponsored by The Hartford Guardian, The Hartford Public Library, the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History, White and others will ponder this question: Would today’s college students get on the bus?

A retired history teacher, the 74-year-old Freedom Rider was born in Eufaula, Alabama. She in came to Connecticut in 1942, a year after her father migrated from Alabama to work in the Armstrong Rubber Company. She attended school in New Haven and left for College on a scholarship to the University of Chicago. Upon seeing the savage attack by white mobsters, White’s visceral response was to engage the oppressive system. And the best way, she thought, was to join the freedom riders.

She didn’t tell her father about her decision. In those days, children seldom disobey their parents. So she sent a postcard to her father. And it read: “Dear Daddy: If you don’t hear from me for the next couple months, I might be in jail because I’m going to be a freedom rider.” Sure enough, White was in jail when her father received the postcard.

“In his view, girls did not participate in matters such as that,” White said.

Many women, men and children participated in the freedom rides in the spring and summer of 1961. It was a diverse group organized by the Congress of Racial Equality or CORE.

On May 4, 1961 the first group consisted of thirteen activists, who aboard buses in Washington, D.C. with tickets for New Orleans. Their purpose was to challenge racial segregation in interstate travel, which the Supreme Court had declared an unconstitutional violation of human rights. James Farmer led the group on this journey that risk their lives for an end of racism and segregation.  When the riders reached Alabama, their bus was derailed. They ran from the smoke and flames into an awaiting mob that tried to murder them. In Birmingham,  the Freedom Riders were dragged off and beaten nearly to death.

CORE Director George Holmes said the freedom rides was at the height of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

“It was the most successful movement with the least amount of blood spilled in the world. We change the thought process. No body wants to be called a racist now,” Holmes said. “The major success was to change the way people thought–not how they act.”

He added: “One of the reason the civil rights movement was successful was that the silent majority believed racism was wrong. The majority of America was really decent people. They didn’t believe racism was proper.”

Michelle Wallen of Hartford said she wonders if that’s still the case in 2013.

“There are still obstacles,” she said.

A University of Connecticut student Wallen said she wouldn’t have been able to withstand those beatings and jails. She said that her 16-year-old daughter, Stacey Ann, recently became aware of the sacrifices others have made for her to have opportunities they didn’t have.

Wallen said that her daughter recently learned about lynchings at the Greater Hartford Academy of Arts. When Stacey Ann learned about the gruesome nature of slavery and Jim Crow, she “broke down and cried.”

“It was hard for her,” said Wallen who emigrated from Jamaica more than 20 years ago.  “But her awareness of the fact that so many African Americans were brutalized made her appreciate the sacrifices they made so we can have better opportunities. She is now armed with knowledge to also deal with stuff that’s still going on.”

Wallen said she would like for her daughter and others to hear this first-hand account about White’s journey to Mississippi.

“This program,” she said, “is good so other people can learn about the past and how it’s still affecting us today.”


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Local Group Looks to Build Christian Faith and Unity

NEW BRITAIN — Next Up, a family friendly event that allows young and old to celebrate their Christian Faith, has announced that more than 10 groups to perform this Saturday, Oct. 26 at Trinity on Main of New Britain.

The  event, which begins at xx, will be in teh theater at 59 Main Street in New Britain.

The featured artists are VOICES-LLC, The Truth Band, Revision, Gwenath Douglas, Jahmika Morgan, DR, D. Pight, Zealous Zek, Trey Styles, C. Woods, Be’Kah, Ricardo Calderon and Luzeffie Hendricks.

Organizers said the goal is to promote aspiring gospel artist to use their musical gifts and provide the featured artist with a platform to minister to a large audience and help them perfect their performing ability.  The group also wants to provide an alternative source of entertainment for youth that is Christ Centered and help discover individuals who have been called by God to minister the Gospel through song and inspire them to pursue their purpose in God.

NEXT UP is also a networking event that will allow people from all around New England to share ideas and concepts.

For more information, visit or call Minister Randell Moody at 860-394-8049.



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Savion Glover’s ‘Sole Sanctuary’ Comes to Jorgensen

STORRS — Savion Glover grew up dancing with the greats and now, as he closes in on 40, he handsomely fills their tap shoes.

Glover will display his skills and reverence for the art of tap on Jorgensen’s stage  Nov. 1 at 8 p.m. in SoLe Sanctuary: A Hoofer’s Meditation on the Art of Tap.

Savion Glover 1. Photo Credit Lois GreenfieldThe  Tony-winning hoofer, choreographer and producer with numerous stage and film credits figured large and rhythmic on Broadway in The Tap Dance Kid, Black and Blue, Jelly’s Last Jam, and Bring in ’Da Noise, Bring in ’Da Funk, for which he won a Tony for choreography. On film, he starred in Tap with Gregory Hines and Sammy Davis Jr., Bamboozled by Spike Lee, and Happy Feet, an Academy Award winner he choreographed and embodied for the animated Mumble the dancing penguin. Dancing With the Stars calls Glover “the greatest tap dancer in the world.”

Glover will be joined on stage by Marshall Davis Jr., who also danced on Broadway in Bring in ’Da Noise… and is a recipient of the Isaac Hayes “Breaking the Barrier” Award for his achievements at a young age.

Dressed in white tap shoes, his long dreads not wholly confined, Glover puts his craft on the altar of those who have gone before him. It’s pure grace in motion. Poster-size photos of dance legends decorate the set.

Glover pays dutiful homage to past influences, while making movement all his own. He credits the direction and choreography of SoLe Sanctuary to “Spirits Known.”

Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts is located at 2132 Hillside Road on the UConn campus in Storrs. Ticket prices are $37, $34 and $32, with some discounts, and $15 for youth 18 and under and non-UConn college students. For tickets and information, call the Box Office at 860.486.4226, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.–5 p.m., or order online at Convenient, free parking is available across the street in the North Garage.


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