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Agency Issues Warning to Small Businesses

HARTFORD — In an effort to combat unscrupulous attempts to sell state-issued posters detailing labor standards, the Connecticut Department of Labor is alerting small business owners about this public service available at the agency.

State officials have learned that individuals were reproducing a variety of state and federal posters, laminating them and selling them.  Connecticut business owners looking to obtain posters addressing a variety of workplace issues for display in their workplace are reminded that many of these items are available at no charge.

“The agency has heard of instances where individuals or companies attempt to sell posters that can be obtained at no cost from our agency,” noted State Labor Commissioner Sharon M. Palmer.  “These materials, which employers are required to post for all employees to view, address minimum wage and unemployment compensation laws, Family Medical Leave Act, and safety and health regulations.”

Palmer noted that small business owners are often unaware that they don’t need to purchase state and federal posters, adding that employers are welcome to contact the agency or visit the agency website for a full listing of required posters and regulations.

By ensuring that residents are knowledgeable about workplace rules and responsibilities, the agency is helping employers comply with state and federal regulations and alerting workers to their rights and responsibilities, Palmer said.

A  comprehensive list of available posters and postings can be found by visiting the agency’s website at and then typing “free posters” in the search box.  The site also provides contact numbers for ordering related materials from other agencies, such as workers’ compensation laws and electronic monitoring guidelines.

Postings can be obtained by sending a written request to the Connecticut Department of Labor’s Wage and Workplace Standards Division, 200 Folly Brook Boulevard, CT, 06109 or by calling the unit at 860-263‐6790. Business owners should provide a company name and address, Federal Identification Number, and Unemployment Registration Number.

Gary K. Pechie,Director of Wage and Workplace Standards Division said small business owners should contact Wage and Workplace Standards to request any materials.


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