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Assembly Votes to Aid Sawyer Students

HARTFORD — Help may be coming to students who were abandowed by Sawyer business school and others last year.

That’s because State Sen. Eric D. Coleman (D-Bloomfield) and Sen. John Fonfara (D-Hartford) joined their Senate colleagues in unanimous vote today to pass legislation to assist the abandoned students of the former Sawyer School in Hartford.

sawyer-schoolSawyer schools in Hartford and Hamden and the Butler School in Bridgeport closed abruptly with no warning. According to reports, 218 students at the Sawyer schools and 137 at the Butler School were left stranded without a path to graduation.

New legislation, Senate Bill 200, would authorize the Office of Higher Education to identify students who have completed their coursework and provide them with a certificate of completion. These certificates would serve as proof that students have mastered the skills necessary to enter the workforce in their field of expertise.

“This bill will help resolve the terrible plight of the hardworking students at the Sawyer School, many of whom had jobs lined up in anticipation of their graduation, and who have been obstructed from entering the workplace as a result of this terrible situation,”  Coleman said. “It is just that these students will soon receive the degrees they worked so hard to earn.”

“ These students did the right thing by investing in an education, and now we should do the right thing by helping those ready to graduate find a path forward in their careers,”  Fonfara said. “Resources are already available to help former Sawyer students, and I hope that all will take full advantage of them.”

The Connecticut Office of Higher Education is currently working with students who had not yet completed their studies at the time of the schools’ closure to help release them from their student loan obligations or transfer to another school. A helpline has been set up for these students at 1-800-842-0229, and more information may be found

The bill now awaits action in the House of Representatives.


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