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Officials: Newtown Shooter Forced Way Inside Sandy Hook Elementary

By Adam Stulhman, Staff Writer

NEWTOWN — State Police Lieutenant Paul Vance said earlier today that Adam Lanza might have forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School, thereby fighting through the security system the school had in place.

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s afternoon address about Newtown Massacre

The system consisted of an individual having to be buzzed in, state a reason for visit, and leave an ID.

Vance also went on to say that medical examiners are still conducting work, and while the bodies of dead children have not been publicly identified, family members have been told and each family is being provided with police to help them feel safe. Members of the press were also asked to respect the family’s privacy.

Three major crimes units have been dispatched to the school, and major crime detectives are still working at the school and could be for at least Monday.

According to a press release issued by Vance, Newtown Police received a 911 call at 9:30am for the elementary school, upon which time Newtown officers “immediately responded and requested assistance from Connecticut State Police.”

The release goes on to say that “upon arrival, teams of troopers and officers immediately entered the school. Teams performed rescues of students and staff, removing them to a safe location as they searched for the shooting suspect within the building. The building was evacuated and students walked out hand in hand to a safe location.”

Newtown Youth and Family Services Executive Director Kandice Dohr said there will be two counseling services today and tomorrow from 9-4, and that “local response teams from mental health facilities will be in place for the next few weeks.”

Newtown Savings allegedly is starting a School Support Fund, although a call to the bank could not be made because the bank is closed.

According to a church official, St.Patrick’s  in Hartford will be open for a memorial mass on Tuesday at 7pm. It could not be confirmed whether St.Patricks will be accepting donations of any sort on behalf of the Newtown shootings.


According to the Press Release, processing of the scene “began immediately with documentation of the crime scene and identifying and gathering both physical and forensic evidence.”

State Police also  that the focus Major Crime investigators was to “work with the Office of the Chief State’ s Medical Examiner to establish the identity of all the deceased victims.”

State Police said “this was accomplished overnight and the next of kin were all notified that positive identification was made.”

“The family of each victim was assigned a Trooper or Officer to establish and maintain an open line of communication,” said State Police. “This was put into place so families of the victims can have immediate contact related to any questions they may have and to also provide State Police investigators the ability to communicate with families without delay.”

According to CNN correspondent Susan Candiotti, authorities say that Lanza may have also had access to three single action rifles, in addition to the three other guns he used-Candiotti said the rifles were registered in his mother’s name-Nancy Lanza.

According to ThreeVillagePatch, the Sandy Hook Elementary School District said “We are continuing to follow the emergency management procedures as outlined in our safety plan and continue to work closely with our building administration to ensure that security and safety protocols are being followed.”

The district went on to say “In wake of this event, we will be disseminating further communications regarding our emergency management protocols early next week to district families.”

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