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Hartford Mayor Declares Public Emergency

Updated: Sunday, Oct 28, 2012 at 11:16 p.m.

HARTFORD — Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra has issued a public emergency declaration for Hartford.

All city of Hartford offices will be closed on Monday, when the storm is expected to affect central Connecticut. Hurricane winds are expected to mostly impact Fairfield County and the shoreline in the New London area, according to National Weather Centers.

The mayor has said that only essential city workers are to report to work.  And all schools will be closed on Monday.

Earlier on Sunday, Gov. Dannel Malloy  requested that President Barack Obama declare a pre-landfall emergency in Connecticut.  This declaration allows the state to request funding and other assistance in advance of the storm impacting the state.

“Hurricane Sandy is a serious threat to our state and this declaration will allow us to request federal funding and other assistance in Connecticut in advance of the storm,” Malloy said.  “When I spoke with President Obama this afternoon, it was clear that he and other federal emergency management officials are taking this threat as seriously as we are.  As the hours go by, we are more and more certain that Hurricane Sandy will have a substantial impact on our state and I do not want to wait to get this process going.”

On Sunday evening,  Malloy announced that he has ordered all non-essential state employees not to report into work on Monday, in response to the impending severe impact of Hurricane Sandy on Connecticut.

“After having consulted with state agency officials and our weather forecasters, I am ordering all non-essential state employees to stay home Monday,” Malloy said.  “Actually, I’m not a fan of that term – to me, everyone who works is important, but that’s the term that’s used.  So if you’re designated as non-essential, stay home.  If you’re designated as essential, then report to work.”

Malloy was speaking directly to residents on the Connecticut shoreline.


Further announcements will be made as the storm progresses through the state during the coming days.

Download: Governor Malloy’s request for a pre-landfall emergency in Connecticut


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