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Hartford Occupiers to Protest Paul Ryan’s Visit

WEST HARTFORD –Paul Ryan is coming to Greater Hartford, and some residents have a problem with his visit to one of the “obscenely” large houses in New England.

Members of Occupy New England, including those from Occupy Hartford, plan to protest outside the massive house of Arnold Chase in West Hartford during a Sept. 30 fundraising luncheon for the Republican vice presidential candidate.

Protestors plan to meet at the MDC Reservoir 6 parking lot on US 44 (Albany Ave.) in West Hartford at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday to stage “a safe and legal protest” in front of Chase’s house at 3115 Albany Ave.

Rebecca Burton of Occupy Hartford said the point of this protest is to shed light on “the immoral and unethical power of big money in politics.”

“We find it disgusting that Ryan and the Republican party chose the largest single-family home in New England, an obscene 60,000 sq. ft. monument to Arnold Chase’s vanity, as the venue for their fundraising luncheon,” Burton said. “Just five miles east of Chase’s mansion, on the very same Albany Avenue, lies Hartford, one of the country’s poorest cities in one of its richest states. We believe Ryan should travel those five miles and talk to people in Hartford; real people with real issues.”
Garret Schenck of Occupy Hartford said this is not to side with either positions in the presidential race said.

“I think our position is best summed up by: A plague on both their houses, but especially THIS house. Both parties play similar fundraising games. Neither party trusts the vast number of voters, who are seen as objects to be manipulated with the money their candidates solicit from the 1 percent. Two years ago Chase gave money to Democrats. Now it’s the Republicans. Flip a coin — either way we lose and Chase and company win.”

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