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Hartford Library Kicks Off Immigrant Education, Outreach

By Simone Tyrell, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — The Hartford Public Library on Thursday kicked off its “Creating a Vibrant Hartford: Adult Learning as a Pathway to Change” series, a pilot conversation that focuses on adult education and immigration.

The series is a follow up to a low-key meeting held on Feb. 18 to inaugurate a series of community dialogues. Many in attendance were optimistic about the pilot conversation about this form of education with an emphasis on immigration. Organizers said that the series promises to be both “thought provoking and enlightening.”

Participants in Hartford Library's Community Dialogue Series

Director of Community Development and Civic Engagement at the Hartford Public Library Richard Frieder last month pointed out the main theme of the discussion, which was the importance of having a place to conduct a serious and open discussion on adult immigrant education. He said he hopes the series hosted by the library on the issue of adult  immigrant education will be a community building exercise, where people from diverse backgrounds are able to actively participate.

The program was made possible by a grant from Everyday Democracy, a public interest group, based in East Hartford. Carolyne Miller Abdullah, Director of Community Assistance and Sarah Eisele-Dyrli, Research and Education Officer facilitated the pilot conversation, which were limited in its outreach.

Organizers said the two major goals for this program were to develop community brokers, which is a  person who works one on one with new immigrants to get them settled and to encourage Community Development, where immigrant and nonimmigrant populations come together and engage about important issues throughout the community.

For more information or to sign up, call 860-695-6365 or email:


What is a Community Dialogue and how does it work?
• It’s a series of small group discussions in April and May focusing on Adult Learning as a Pathway to Change
• Dialogues are guided by trained facilitators from the community
• This is not just talk. The dialogues lead to an action agenda.

Why should you participate?
• To partner with neighbors, friends, and community leaders
• To take an active role in identifying needs and actions
• To strengthen your community
• To create better opportunities for Hartford residents and new arrivals.

By participating you will:
• Find out where to turn for your learning needs
• Advocate for your rights and develop leadership skills
• Meet your neighbors and make new friends.

What will happen at the Kick-Off event on March 22?
• Learn more about the community dialogue and how you can get involved
• Get a chance to participate in a mini-dialogue
• Hear from Mayor Segarra and other community leaders
• Free refreshments will be served!

What’s next? 
• Come join us! Get your questions answered or sign up for the Kick-Off Event or for the Dialogues! 
Call 860-695-6365 or email

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