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Widespread Power Outages Spark Food Donation Inquiries

HARTFORD — With Hurricane Irene leaving many local households in the dark, many now worry they will have to throw out a freezer full of food.

Some are offering food to food shelter.

Foodshare said the agency has already received several inquiries this morning asking if donations are being accepted.  So officials have a few advice. First, it is recommended that people first contact a Foodshare partner agency in their own town to ensure the greatest efficiency.

In those instances where local programs are also experiencing power outages and are unable to accommodate such donations, Foodshare is happy to accept frozen food items that align with local health regulations.

Health regulations specify that donated products cannot be partially thawed, opened or homemade. They must be kept at a temperature of 40 degrees or less at all times, including during transport.

If you are looking to make a donation, please call 211 or visit to locate a food pantry, community kitchen or shelter in your town. You can also contact Foodshare at 860-286-9999 with any questions or concerns.



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