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Hartford Adopts ‘Ban the Box’ Policy

HARTFORD — Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra announced Wednesday a change in the city’s recruitment and application policy that makes it more inclusive and more competitive.

According to a statement issued on Wednesday evening, the measure was “effective immediately.”

The statement went on to say that Hartford is instituting a policy change that will mirror what other cities in Connecticut are doing to best implement the “ban the box” initiative.

With the exception of Public Safety positions, this change eliminates information collection regarding criminal convictions and records information at the earliest stages of the recruit process.  Instead, this information will be obtained only when a candidate is extended a conditional offer of employment.

“I support this change because it eliminates the stigma of a wrong choice or bad decision and promotes a quicker avenue for positive re-entry.  It will also provide many otherwise very qualified candidates a second chance and an opportunity to be a productive resident in our city and in our society,” Segarra said.

However, other reports already have Hartford listed as having banned the box since 2010.

According to a July 2010  report from the National League of Cities (NLC) and National Employment Law Project (NELP), an increasing number of cities have decided to “ban the box” and remove questions on job applications asking about criminal records.

The report – “Cities Pave the Way: Promising Reentry Policies that Promote Local Hiring of People with Criminal Records” – features 23 cities and counties that have chosen to “ban the box” on their job applications that asks about an applicant’s criminal record, and defer the criminal background check to the final stages of the hiring process.

The report states that since San Francisco chose to “ban the box” from job applications in 2004, 22 other cities and counties have enacted similar ordinances or policies. The report notes that five cities – Bridgeport, CT; Hartford, CT; Kalamazoo, MI; Memphis, TN; and Worcester, MA – have joined the “ban the box” movement.

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