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City Announces Parking Ticket Amnesty

HARTFORD — The City of Hartford and the Hartford Parking Authority  kicks off a first-time ever Parking Ticket Amnesty Program during the month of March 2011.

During the program, any motor vehicle registrant (or operator) with outstanding parking tickets may reduce their financial obligations to the City by paying  the original preset fine amounts due on the citations and have all late fees and addition court costs waived by the City of Hartford.

Mayor Pedro E. Segarra believes this is a mutually beneficial opportunity for the City and motorists.

“This program will enhance revenue for the City while providing one time financial relief to area residents.”

There is currently a backlog of more than 265,000 unpaid parking tickets, some of which are more than 15 years old.  The value of these tickets totals more than $18 million.  The goal of the City and HPA is to collect $200,000 through this program.

Payment of all outstanding parking tickets may be made via mail or in person at the Office of Parking Management (OPM) located at160 A Market Street, Hartford, CT 06103.

Payment can be made in person with cash, money order or personal check or through the mail by money order of personal check. Unfortunately, the online payment system cannot waive late fees, penalties and/or court costs.

Motor vehicle registrants issued parking tickets prior to December 31, 2010 will receive a notice in the mail at the address last shown on the ticket. In addition, the OPM has established a dedicated phone line at (860) 757-0883 for motorists to check to verify the existence of outstanding tickets and applicable amounts due and to answer any questions related to the program.

“The HPA is committed to developing creative parking programs that benefit the City,” said Mark K. McGovern, Chief Executive Officer of the HPA. “No one likes to receive a parking ticket but enforcement promotes turnover at the curb which creates more parking opportunities for customers that support local businesses. It is essential to enforce the parking regulations to create these opportunities and it’s the responsibility of violators to pay what is owed,” he said.

Following the Parking Ticket Amnesty Program, the City and HPA will commence a concentrated effort to collect the remaining outstanding parking citations. In accordance with the Municipal Code, any vehicle with five (5) or more outstanding parking citations against it may be towed by the City of Hartford Police Department. Once towed, the vehicle will not be released until the outstanding fines with all court costs and late fees are paid in full along with any towing and storage fees due under the law. The existence of six (6) or more tickets charged against a vehicle will also restrict vehicle registration renewals at the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Contact:                 Mark K. McGovern

Chief Executive Officer

Hartford Parking Authority

(860) 527-7275

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