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A Jack of All Trades – Good or Bad?

By Dante Lee

Contray to popular belief, it is perfectly okay to be a Jack of All Trades (or a Jack of Many Trades. These phrases are commonly used to describe an enterepreneur or busienss owenr that possesses many skills and offers many different services to customers.

If this describes you, this is a good thing – not a bad thing. Many well-known entrepreneurs such as Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Ted Turner, Warren Buffett, etc. have several different companies that offer a variety of services. They understand that it’s smart to have multiple streams of income, in case one particular industry begins to take a downturn.

Even rap artists have found great success doing this. They own rap labels, film companies, clothing companies, shoe companies, jewelry companies, and often local restaurants in their hometown.

While it is perfectly okay to be a Jack of All (or many) Trades, don’t make the fatal mistake of combining all your services into one company. For instance, it’s a terrible idea to indicate on your business card or web site that you’re a lawn mower, web developer, photographer, and interior designer.

Instead, create a different company (and web site) for each unique service that you provide. This way, your potential customers won’t be inundated with services and products that they really have no interest in. They will only see information pertaining to what they’re inquiring about.

Also, they will perceive you as a highly-skilled professional that knows what you’re doing. If they see too many different services offered, they may assume that you’re not an expert at anything – but just have a lot of casual knowledge. That, of course, is not the impression you want to give.
Dante Lee is an award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author. His daily blog,, features business advice and interviews with Black influentials.

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