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Roldan: Investigate Segarra’s Ethics Filings

HARTFORD — Hartford State Rep. Kelvin Roldan (D-Hartford), who  might run for mayor, is aggressively playing politics. His target? Mayor Pedro Segarra.

After a front-page article in a regional newspaper about Segarra’s  ethical lapses in his financial disclosure documents with the state, Segarra has been on the defensive. Segarra, who replaced former Mayor Eddie Perez after a jury found Perez guilty of five felonies last June, is running for a four-year term this year.

“I pride my administration on being transparent and open.  To that end, I will be requesting that the City’s Corporation Counsel solicit an independent opinion from one of the law firms on retainer with the Ethics Commission to determine if any violation of the City’s Ethics code has occurred, and I will be amending my ethics filings with the Corporation Counsel’s office next week,” Segarra said.

He also added that it was ” frustrating” that some were seeking to score political points.

On Sunday Roldan in a statement called for Hartford Ethics Commission and possible the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office to investigate the mayor’s alleged failure to disclose more than $120, 000 in potentially illegal payments paid to Segarra’s spouse, Charlie Ortiz.

Roland said Segarra failed to disclose his spouse’s income from the city in his ethics filings.

“There may be a logical explanation for these alleged violations…,” Roldan said. “However, if these payments have been ongoing for six years to a business being run out of his law office and the Mayor was aware of them, his failure to disclose them is a serious violation of the public trust.”

Roldan also said the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is reviewing the possible violation of federal rules in response to an inquiry  to determine if payments made to Segarra’s spouse were illegal because they violated HUD’s strict conflict of interest regulations which prohibit payments under the voucher program to public officials or their relatives.”










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