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Tom Foley Vows To Be Education Governor

HARTFORD — Republican Tom Foley today says he wants to be the the education governor.

Foley made his bid today at the  Achievement First Academy in Hartford, a district with the distinction of fighting the stigma of  low academic achievement  scores on national tests.

Tom Foley chats with audience members after a Hartford press conference

Every two years the U.S. Department of Education conducts the National Assessment of Educational Progress, which test student achievement across the nation for 4th and 8th grade students in reading and mathematics.
The most recent NAEP results from 2009 show neighboring states, including Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Vermont, are outperforming Connecticut in student achievement.
The 2009 NAEP also confirms that Connecticut has the unfortunate distinction of having the largest achievement gap of all 50 states. The large achievement gap is confirmed by the results of the state’s annual assessments given to students in grades 3 through 8 and in grade 10.

The Republican nominee unveiled his education plan to tackle underperformance. Plans include modifying how money is allocated in school districts, give parents more public school option for charter or magnet schools and appoint “reform minded” people to the Board of Education, he says in a statement to the press.

Democratic Candidate for Governor Dannel Malloy criticized Foley’s plan, saying it has “real deficiencies.”

” There’s nothing on early childhood education, very little on parental involvement, and not a word about higher education,” Malloy says in a press release. “To put forward an education ‘plan’ and not address the needs of young children, as well as high school graduates and adults seeking access to higher education, demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding that education is a lifelong process.”

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