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The Hartford Guardian is the first hyper-local news product in Hartford, Connecticut. Conceived 2002, The Guardian is a pioneer in blending robust community outreach with news reporting.

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Founded in Hartford, Connecticut on January 10, 2004 after two years of development, The Guardian’s mission is to tap into civic life and publish a news magazine that explores topics from a progressive perspective. Our online daily edition (www.thehartfordguardian.com) was launched in October 2008. The online edition is published five days per week.

Call Office with News Tips 24 hours a day: 860-993-1094.

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The Guardian is for a readership committed to the advancement of community building, civil rights and responsible social policy. The magazine consistently covers the arts, community-based organizations, government, the environment and more. The Guardian is published by the Connecticut Alliance for Better Communities, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization.

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We aim to give analysis and progressive perspective without editorializing. We do feature articles that combine original on-the-ground reporting with solid analysis. We are particularly interested in investigative stories and articles that educate Hartford County residents on how to best access the many services in our communities. We are also interested in investigative  news stories not found elsewhere in the Connecticut media market.

In addition to highlighting a community-based organization each month, our regular sections include:

  • Your Neighborhood
  • Youth-In-Action
  • Your Neighbors
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Business Beat
  • Commentary
  • Travel
  • Nation/World

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Call Office with News Tips 24 hours a day: 860-993-1094.

The Hartford Guardian welcomes opinion articles on any subject. Submissions must be exclusive to us. Most articles are about 750 words in length, though some are shorter, and on Sundays we welcome longer pieces, about 1,200 words. We prefer article submission that are topical, current and newsworthy. Our strong preference is for Op-Ed pieces about a subject matter covered by The Hartford Guardian.

Submissions must be sent by e-mail to editor [at] thehartfordguardian.com. Please put the name of the author followed by the topic in the subject line, and paste the text of the article into the body of the message. Be sure to include day and evening telephone numbers and a short biography of the writer.

We make every effort to read manuscripts promptly. If the article is accepted for publication, you will hear from an editor. Please allow five days for a response.We cannot respond individually to each article, nor can we provide feedback to proposals or queries.Thank you for your interest in The Hartford Guardian.

Submit all letters, articles and queries to:

Snail Mail
The Hartford Guardian
P.O. Box 581
Hartford, CT 06141

Deliveries Only

The Hartford Guardian
330 Main Street, First Floor
Hartford, CT 06106

E-mail:  editor [at] thehartfordguardian [.] com

Call Office with News Tips 24 hours a day: 860-993-1094.




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