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Voter Registration Surges in Hartford

By Ann-Marie Adams, Staff Writer

HARTFORD — Since the 2016 election, more than 10,000 people have registered to vote in Hartford.

The number of newly registered Democratic voters rose by 5,148 and the number of newly registered Republican voters rose by 464. Also, the number of newly registered unaffiliated voters nearly matched the Democratic voters at 4,774.

The capital city is overwhelmingly Democratic, with 39,541 active voters in 2018. Currently, there are 2,298 active Republican voters. And there are 17,024 unaffiliated voters.

The increase in voter registration may not translate into higher voter turnout, however.

“People register to vote but that doesn’t mean they’re going to vote,” said Deputy Democratic Registrar of Voters Cathy Brooks.

Brooks said the office is doing nothing new to prepare for a possible higher voter turnout.

“We’re doing everything we’re supposed to do, nothing new,” Brooks said. “It’s going to go by like a breeze.”

Across the state, the approach may be different to avoid the 2010 fiasco in Bridgeport. The city didn’t order enough ballots. As a result, then Secretary of State Susan Bysiewicz went to court to keep polling places open, so that voters were allowed to vote.

Connecticut now has 2.16 million registered voters–the largest number of registered voters, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

Between November 2016 and Nov.1 2018, there were 107,104 newly registered Democratic voters, 51,485 registered Republicans and 155,040 newly unaffiliated voters.

As a result, the total number of Democratic voters rose to 791,603. The number of Republican voters rose to 462,948 and the number of unaffiliated voters rose to 876,517.

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