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Trio to Perform at Cedar Hill Cemetery Concert

HARTFORD — The Cedar Hill Cemetery Foundation on July 27 will present a free concert showcasing the popular Connecticut trio Last Fair Deal.

The concert will be held on the lawn at 453 Fairfield Ave. in Hartford.

Known for their stellar vocals and unique acoustic synergy,  Last Fair Deal guitarist Paul Howard, fiddler Tom Hagymasi and banjo player Phil Zimmerman will perform an eclectic selection of old time string band, blue grass, swing and popular music.

Last Fair Deal is influenced by blue grass, jazz, acoustic rock and contemporary singer-songwriters. Their repertoire include original music as well as interpretations of classic songs from John Hartford, Gillian Welch, Nat King Cole, the Beatles and Bob Dylan.

For more information contact Beverly Lucas at blucas@cedarhillcemetery.or or 860-956-3311. Or visit

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