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Hartford Police Arrest Three for Kidnapping

HARTFORD — Three Hartford women were arrested Tuesday for kidnapping and other charges after police obtained a video of a woman severely beaten on Rowe Street.

Ada Marrero, 30, of Hamilton Street, Hartford; Waleska Bones, 33, of Hartford and Jacqueline Davila, 38, of Carpenter Street, Hartford were arrested and charged with second degree kidnapping, second degree assault and  cruelty to persons.

Police said the video they obtained shows a woman who was severely beaten and stripped by three females during the day on Rowe Avenue.

Several onlookers who observed the incident encouraged the suspends while they use cell phones to record the incident that occurred in August 2017.

Police said the victim was taken to Rowe Avenue against her will and the incident was related to narcotics.

Bond was set for $250,000.

Jacqueline Davila

Ada Marrero

Waleska Bones

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