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Easter Seals Crystal Ball Gala Touts Success

HARTFORD — The Easterseals Crystal Ball Gala at the Hartford Marriott Downtown  on March 10. Veteran VIPs, community leaders and corporate sponsors joined forces with Easterseals Capital Region & Eastern CT to support life-changing services with special emphasis on Veterans and Servicemembers and Military Family Programs.

Learn more about Easterseals’ life-changing services at: &

Pictured from Left:
Thomas Saadi (Commissioner of CT Veteran Affairs), Beth Pritchard (EVP, Easterseals Capital Region & Eastern CT), Dr. William Petit, Jr. (CT State Representative),  Four- Star General William J. Begert (Honored Guest Speaker, US Air Force), Dr. Allen Gouse (CEO, Easterseals Capital Region & Eastern CT), Jeanne & Robert Leduc (Honored Event Co-Chairs/Pratt & Whitney).

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