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Ugandan Flutist to Perform at Hartbeat Theater

HARTFORD — Samite Mulondo, a Ugandan musician who performs internationally as Samite, will perform this March at the Hartbeat Ensemble’s Carriage House Theater in Hartford.

Mulondo is an internationally acclaimed flutist who has recorded with Paul Simon and toured with Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  And he has been touring America.

Now he brings his one-man theater and music show — “Resilience” — to Hartford.

There will be three preview performances of “Resilience” March 15 to 17 at Hartbeat Ensemble’s Carriage House Theater in Hartford before the show’s world premiere March 23 at the University of St. Joseph’s Autorino Center for the Arts and Humanities in West Hartford.

The show, which involves seven stories, seven songs and projections, is directed by Brian Jennings, a HartBeat Ensemble member, and produced by Steven Raider Ginsburg, who co-founded HartBeat and is also the director of the Autorino Center

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