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American Legion to Hold Annual Youth Week

MIDDLETOWN —  The American Legion  will hold its annual state police youth week this July in Meriden.

State Police Youth Week  is a law enforcement practicum for high school students completing their junior year in 2018 at an accredited high school. SPYW will be held at the Connecticut State Police Training Academy in Meriden from July 8 to July 14. 

Organizers said the program offers insight into the training, duties and expectations of law enforcement officers. It also provides realistic experience, patterned after recruit training at the Connecticut State Police Academy and affords students considering a law enforcement career the opportunity to gain knowledge of the professional life of a police officer. 

SPYW cadets will participate in a variety of mentally and physically demanding instructional sessions, including patrol techniques, Connecticut criminal and motor vehicle laws, criminal and accident investigation, firearms safety and training, water safety training, team-building and confidence training, defensive driving techniques, and other law enforcement skill training. 

Cadets will experience the daily activities of recruit training, including the 5:15 a.m. reveille wake up call, physical conditioning, inspection of quarters, and participation in assigned details. 

Completed applications, including personal statements, recommendations and $125.00 fee, must be received by April 23, 2018.  

Selection date this year will be May 2, 2018. If you have not heard anything by the second week of May please contact the American Legion at 860-296-0719.

Visit for more information and application or contact your high school guidance counselor, school resource officer, local post of the American Legion or the American Legion Department Treasurer at 860-296-0719.

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