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Hartford Police Arrest Windsor Street Shooter

HARTFORD — Hartford Police arrested a local man who alleged fired shots on Windsor Street Thursday morning.

Police arrested Johnathan Smith, 24, of 195 Sigourney St. in Hartford for carrying a pistol without a permit, having weapons in a car, first degree attempted assault, reckless endangerment, unlawful discharge, and possession of a stolen firearm. The firearm was stolen from South Hadley, MA.

According to report, police responded to shots fired at 729 Windsor St. at 11:54 a.m. Thursday.

There were no victims.

However, witnesses reported that a gold Infinity pulled up to a parked black Lexus and the occupant of the gold Infinity shot at the black Lexus. Both cars then fled the scene.

While traveling south on Main Street Thursday, the suspect was spotted by a police officer . The suspect was stopped and removed from his car. Officers recovered the stolen firearm.

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