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FUBU Founder to Keynote Business Gala

HARTFORD — J. Alexander Martin, co-founder and Vice President of the FUBU clothing line, will keynote the fifth annual Small Business Night Out event Feb. 23 at the Downtown Marriott Hotel.

Martin has externalized many successful ventures in the fashion industry including the iconic clothing line FUBU –“For Us By Us” He is an accomplished designer, has successfully given the fashion industry a unique line of clothing through FUBU or “For Us By Us”, which currently reports over $6 billion in sales.

As Owner Vice President and Creative Director of FuBu/FB and Crown Holder, J’s stylish market trends and industry techniques reflect his strong eye for color coordination, fabric and embellishments have made him a definite one to watch on any runway.

J. was born and raised in Hollis Queens New York. He attended Fashion Institute of Technology in 1992 and served his country in the United States Navy, where he served in Desert Storm. His work in the fashion industry has taken him to a number of countries including China, India, Korea, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Paris, London and South America. He comes from a strong background in business management and entrepreneurship.

He currently is the CEO of FUBU TV, CEO of J. Alexander Martin Men’s Accessories, Afashionmind Consulting & Founder/Exec. Vice President & Creative Director of FUBU. He serves as President of the New York State Black Chamber of Commerce (NYSBCC).

FuBu the Collection became the first recipient of the Essence Achievement Award given to a company, and in 2004, the FuBu partners/owners were the first to receive the Asper Award for Global Entrepreneurship from Brandeis University.

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