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Discovery Museum Kicks off Black History Month

BRIDGEPORT — hundreds of kids and families recently turned out for The Discovery Museum’s fifth annual Aerospace Day, which serves as a kick-off event for Black History Month.

The next event is scheduled for Feb. 10. On “Maker Day”, visitors will make things out of raw materials. Organizers said it’s a great opportunity to excite that left-hand side of the brain, and “to spark creativity right here at The Discovery Museum.

Attendees learned valuable information about several of scientists – including Bridgeport’s Lewis Latimer – while experiencing family fun with interactive exhibits spanning from parachute making to wind tunnels.

“It’s a great way for people of all ages to find out about the amazing technology that exists right in their backyard, especially in the aerospace industry,” said The Discovery Museum’s Executive Director Bill Finch.

There will also be several exhibits dedicated to the aerospace industry. One presentation, sponsored by Sikorsky, features the building of airfoils – any surface, as a wing, aileron, or stabilizer, designed to aid in lifting or controlling an aircraft by making use of the air currents through which it moves – followed by testing them in the wind tunnel.

Another exhibit, sponsored by Sacred Heart University, gives kids an opportunity to assemble Black History Coloring Books, featuring seven innovators and leaders that have their work featured in stations throughout the museum.

Also, Remax provided an indoor balloon experience, and volunteers from Jack and Jill of Eastern Fairfield County gave kids an opportunity to build their parachutes, followed by dropping them from the upper level of the museum down to the lobby, while trying to hit a target.

Kim Bowen, CEO, and CFO of Specialty Cable Corporation, said that science education like that provided at The Discovery Museum during Aerospace Day is so critical to preparing kids for the science and engineering jobs of tomorrow.

“The Discovery Museum is a great resource for Connecticut. We need more Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education,” said Bowen. “Now more than ever we need our citizens to understand science and our students to become excited about careers in these fields. We make high tech components for aerospace; medical and industrial customers and we are always looking to expose our youth to the jobs of the future.”

Visitors to the Museum to Aerospace Day received a $1 off the regular admission thanks to a gift from Specialty.

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