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Hartford Police Seek Stabbing Suspect

HARTFORD —  Hartford Police are still investigating the death of a Hartford man who was stabbed before his car crashed on Main Street.

The man, Kemar Bennet, 29, of 950 Asylum Ave., Apt 10, died from injuries sustained after a fight on Tuesday, police said.

According to police, officers responded to car accident at about 2:a.m. on  Saturday at the Sunset Café at 3229 Main St. After the fight by an unknown man in the parking lot at Sunset Café., Bennet got in his car and began driving.

He lost consciousness behind the wheel before it crashed into a light pole at 2995 Main St.

Police are working to identify the suspect who fled after stabbing Bennet.

Three other victims of the crash suffered injuries and were taken to Hartford Hospital and St. Francis.

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