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Foodshare Hires Food Advocate Katie Martin

BLOOMFIELD — Dr. Katie S. Martin was recently hired by Foodshare to help lead the fight against hunger.

Martin was hired as the Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer to provide “strategic direction for policy, programs, grants and nutrition.”  Katie brings more than 20 years of experience developing, managing and evaluating creative solutions to hunger, officials said.. Her work focuses on the connection between hunger and health, and identifying the root causes of food insecurity.

Prior to joining Foodshare, Katie was an Assistant Professor and Director of the Public Health program at the University of Saint Joseph, and she was an Assistant Research Professor at the University of Connecticut.

Katie has a long track record of building collaborations with local and national anti-hunger organizations. She led the team performing the first rigorous evaluation of a food pantry program in Hartford and used her work to address the underlying causes of hunger.

“Katie is a longtime friend of Foodshare and a nationally recognized authority on hunger issues. Katie has a bold vision for building strong, successful solutions to hunger, and we are very excited to now have her on our team,” said Jason Jakubowski, President and CEO, Foodshare.

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